Version 9

    Project Roadmaps


    Where are they?


    Projects maintain their roadmaps in JIRA .


    When is a release scheduled?


    To find out the release schedule of a project, browse the project and then select the Road Map tab.


    e.g. The road map for the JBoss Application Server


    Reliability of the date - it is ready when it is ready


    In general release targets tend to lag behind the projected roadmap date due to issue resolution during the final stages of release preparation.


    Until all open issues in a given release target are satisfied, the release will not go out.


    Where is the release announced?


    In the News and Announcement forum.


    Will my feature/bug fix make it


    Look at the "fix version" on the jira task.


    My feature isn't scheduled or it is has been put back to a later release


    Use the "Vote for It" option on the left hand side of the page.

    You cannot vote for features or issues you created.