Version 6

    This page lists changes that are necessary to migrate project.xml file from Labs 1.x to 2.0:


    Major changes


    • <user-forum> and <dev-forum> - This information was included in <link> element or was not included at all. We will use old links, then switch to new, pretty ones when URL mapper is written.

    • <developers> - seems we have got to fill this info by hand.

    • <link> - copy entries from previous <menu>/<link>

    • <pages> - Create default page for each project and one page for each freezone link (<menu>/<freezone>). The default page should contain menu portlet and project info portlet (or, alternatively, freezone page with project description). Menu portlet parameters depend on old <menu> tag content.

    • <downloads> - copy entries from previous project.xml


    Minor changes


    • <info> element should refer html page (like <description>, for example "projectInfo.html")

    • <jems> - unify names ("as" -> "jbossas", "portal" -> "jbossporta", etc.)

    • <repo-type>, <anon-repo>, <commiter-repo> - in 1.x this information was stored in <repository> or <link> elements.


    Attributes to Skip


    The following fields can be successfully set after the migration. They are not necessary now.


    Currently not used:

    • <build-results>,

    • <packaged-for-download>,

    • <support> and <training>,

    • <documentation>



    • pools (in poll(s).xml) - not used or not up to date

    • counters (counter.xml) - download counters are waiting for improvement.