Version 1

    This document describes a proposal of a CMIS Connector that could be integrated with GateIn.

    Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)

    The CMIS standard is the SQL language dedicated to repositories defined by the most important vendors.

    It's very important to integrate CMIS as an other possibility to spread GateIn in all the repository contexts.


    CMIS specifications can be downloaded from the official OASIS site here.



    The main goal proposed for this connector is related to integrate a procedure to build and maintain all the portal contents on top of an existent repository using CMIS. Many times customers would like to reuse their repository for many applications, in this way GateIn could be configured in the same repository using a different home folder for the portal.


    It could be useful to start an analysis about the exoJCR connector and if we can try to implement a CMIS connector with all the same features. The idea is to have the availability to switch the exoJCR with a CMIS connector for the portal.