Version 6

    There are certain tasks that each project should ensure have been marked as completed prior to handing off the release for QA.


    1. The files to be released should be tagged using the correct tagging convention

      1. The tags should match the appropriate version

    2. A roadmap which corresponds to the tag (eg. an RC1 release) should be present in JIRA

      1. Each of the tasks for this roadmap should be marked as completed.

    3. The version should be of acceptable format

      1. Version Guide

    4. The binary outputs for your project should be built and added to the repository

    5. MD5 checksums should be generated for the binary outputs of your project

    6. The testsuite should be able to be executed with a 100% success rate with the JBossAS that is going to be used for release purpose.

    7. Create a JBQA issue in JIRA for coordination with QA


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