Version 97

    JBoss QA related topics:


    JBoss QA web pages




    Road Map


    Testsuite Module


    See the TestsuiteGuide









    TCK - HOW TO



    Release Checklists


    The QA check-list is composed of test plans that are executed either automatically or manually before each public release.



    Cluster Harness


    The cluster harness is simple benchmark harness for testing the difference between clustered calls vs. non-clustered calls.


    Development process guidelines


    The book referenced below outlines JBoss development practices:


    JBoss Benchmark


    The JBoss Benchmark project and jrunit.


    The JBoss Build build system

    The JBossBuild build system is the replacement for the existing

    buildmagic system.



    Snapshot releases on Sourceforge

    A ReleaseTool for releasing snapshots on sourceforge



    Common module package dependency information

    A text representation of the dependencies among packages currently found in the common module.


    Common module promotion to standalone project

    The guide to usage for the JBoss Common standalone project



    Creating a maven build for a jboss project

    A guide to setting up a maven build for a JBoss project


    Subversion Migration

    A guide for migrating from CVS to SVN



    Test a Patch

    A guide to how to test a patch


    Ingore This



    How To configure and run JBoss Profiler

    A guide to get you started with JBoss Profiler


    Test Cases and their corresponding server config in JBoss AS testsuite

    JBossAS unit test cases run against different server configuration. There is often a need

    to run test using one-test for a detailed analysis and need to know which server config to use for

    that one-test. Following wiki gives test case names and server configs they belong to.