Version 1

    Unlike the similar articles for other Overlord sub projects, which have defined a detailed break down of tasks against releases, this RTGov roadmap article will just start by listing the main areas that need to be addressed, and will gradually become more refined - hopefully with feedback on priorities from interested parties.


    The main areas currently considered of interest:




    Currently RTGov provides a runtime infrastructure for business transaction monitoring and runtime governance policy enforcement - however it is lacking tooling to help define those policies, etc. Therefore one of the main priorities over the next releases will be tooling. There will be further articles to discuss what type of tooling should be provided, which will help to decompose this general area into a series of deliverables.





    RTGov now supports EAP and Fuse. The next obvious targets are Wildfly and Karaf, however there are other possible targets such as Tomcat/TomEE, Vertx, etc. This area also includes investigating cloud support - i.e. openshift and/or openstack.



    Activity Collector Integration


    Currently have embedded collectors for SwitchYard and OSGi applications (coming soon), but would be useful to have priorities for other integrations, e.g. EJBs, CDI, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, etc.



    Event Processing


    What other "out of the box" event processing capabilities should be provided?



    Feedback appreciated.