Version 3

    As of 4/5/2005, the JBoss Remoting project has moved to its own root module on CVS.


    To checkout, use:



    cvs -d:ext:<username> checkout JBossRemoting

    This should checkout the entire remoting project, including doc, tests, libs, etc., which is aprx 5MB (due to thirdparty libs).


    From now on, all new development for remoting will be made to this project and not under jboss-head.  There may be occasion to where will have to make patch changes for 4.0 branch, which will continue to include remoting sub-module.


    In the near future, a directory under jboss-head's thirdparty directory for a build of remoting binary will be created and all the projects within jboss-head that use remoting will point to this binary.





    In the process of organizing the remoting project to be imported into CVS as a new project (which is named JBossRemoting), I have removed some files that were under the remoting project when is was under jboss-head (and made some changes to others as well as added others). This is a list of those files:




    Some of the files removed, I expect to be added back in at some point. Was just that information in them was either out of date for the new module or would not work (i.e. build.bat/ 




    Since there is no longer a thirdparty directory which contains the thirdparty libraries needed as was under jboss-head, I have created a root lib directory that contains all the thirdparty and jboss jars needed by remoting.  I created it using this sub directory structure instead of putting all the jars directly in the lib directory so that I can keep up with the versions and licenses (which should be in each of the thirdparty directories).




    Changed to use the new lib directory as well as included test targets in root build instead of build.xml in tests directory.  Will have to use ant directly to compile since the build scripts have been removed.  The targets should be the same (most, clean, compile, test, dist, etc.).