Version 6

    General Connector and Invoker configuration


    Important to note that only one invoker can be declared per connector (so don't put multiple InvokerLocator attributes or invoker elements within the Configuration attribute).  Declaration of an invocation handler is not required, but will yield the server invoker useless unless is for a callback server.  For more information about handlers, please see the JBoss Remoting User Guide.  In short, this is the only interface that is required by a remoting framework for a user to implement and will be what the remoting framework calls upon when receiving invocations.


    More info on connector and invoker configuration found in the remoting guide


    Also note that ${jboss.bind.address} can be used for any of the bind address properties, which will be replace with the bind address specified to JBoss when starting (i.e. via the -b option).


    IMPORTANT - Note that can not have both a InvokerLocator element and an invoker element under Configuration at the same time (only one or the other).