Version 57

    This covers the configuration for JBoss Remoting discovery, connectors, marshallers, and transports that is not included in the user guide (so will mostly be new additions to be included in future releases).  All the configuration properties specified can be set either via calls to the object itself, including via JMX (so can be done via the JMX or Web console), or via a service.xml file.  Many of the sections below will contain examples of service configurations.  There is also an example-service.xml included in the remoting module that has full examples for all the different remoting configurations.




    Connectors and Invokers - general configuration for remoting.


    Handlers - configuration for invocation handler (the user code that receives the target invocation on the server).


    Detectors - configuration for automatic discovery.


    Transports - configuration for network protocol transports.


    Marshallers - configuration for data marshalling/unmarshalling off of wire.


    Callbacks - configuration for callback message management.


    SSL Support - detailed information on transports that support SSL and other security services.


    An example of a service xml file with all the remoting transports and services.


    If you find any problems with the remoting configuration or have any suggestions, please e-mail tom at jboss dot org.