Version 4

    Remoting has several ant build targets for testing.  There is the functional-tests target, which will test basic functionality.  There is also a performance-tests target, which will run performance tests for the different invocation types (standard and one-way) as well as for the different transports.  There is also a tests target that will run both the functional and performance tests and generate an html report, which can be found in the output/tests.results/html directory.




    The performance tests will also create a performance_report.txt in the root remoting directory with a log of all the benchmark results.



    To run the remoting build and tests, will need to go to the root remoting directory (assuming full checkout of jboss-head), and build from there:




    C:\jboss-head\remoting>build clean most tests




    Also worth noting that the test classes are put into the remoting/output/lib/jboss-remoting-tests.jar and not included in the jboss-remoting.jar.