Version 3

    If you see a "ConsequenceException" in a stack trace, look down. 99% of the time it is one of your objects that is null, or some error in the code you are executing in the consequence (it is simply wrapped in that exception).



    Decision table (Excel format)


    If you face messages like "[MTokens|mTokens]: line 10:21  state 0 (decision=16) no viable alt line 10:21; char='�'" during addPackage of a decision table based rule set (Excel format), exceptions like "org.drools.rule.InvalidRulePackage: Rule Compilation error Unknown variable or type", and the output of SpreadsheetCompiler().compile(...) seems to be allright:

    Have a look at the quotes used in your sheet. The standard quotes used by OpenOffice on MacOS are not recognized by Drools as quotes (because they are not ASCII). They seem to be allright in the output of SpreadsheetCompiler().compile(...) but they are no drools identifiable quotes. Have a look into the settings of your Spreadsheet program to get rid of the automatic replacement (e.g. OO: Tools - AutoCorrect - Custom Quotes tab)



    If you are logging an error, please provide enough code to reproduce, and attach it to a JIRA so we can solve it for you.