RichFaces 4.0.0.ALPHA1 Release Plans

Version 7

    This wiki page is to define and organize our plans for the RichFaces 4.0.0.ALPHA1 release.


    The goals for this release is to provide a base set of functionality that people can use, and try out.  We will have a limited set of a4j: components as listed below, and the basic core features required for them to function.  The CDK will also be mostly completed.  Of coarse all of this will be at ALPHA quality, but should be enough to get started with.



    • Release August 24th/25th
    • Code Freeze : August 17th-19th


    components features/design proposals overview

    May not be able to include all of these.  Also need to prioritize order on them.

    • commandButton
    • commandLink
    • push
    • page [perhaps if Alex finished CDK]
    • outputPanel
    • log
    • mediaOutput
    • status
    • jsFunction


    Core framework functionality will be limited to what is required by the components above.  Some of this is still TBD


    • Dynamic resources
    • JS Imple Core
      • TBD [populate]
    • TBD [populate]


      TBD [Alex - populate]


    •   core-demo application

    Assembler & Distributions

    Items postponed to ALPHA2 or BETA1

    • Skinning
    • Themes
    • rich:datatable
    • missing a4j components
    • selenium testing of examples
    • 4.0 component-showcase example
    • rich: component set
    • TBD