RichFaces 4.0 ALPHA2 Assembly, Build, Distribution Status

Version 3

    Current Status

    For the ALPHA1 release we had a basic maven assembly system in place.  During the current development phases of ALPHA2 Alex has added check-style plugins and enforcement to this.


    Check-Style Related Links


    Jira Links:


    Near Term Tasks

    • Create Jira's to track plans and tasks
    • A full review of the current status is required
      • Dependency review
      • Plugin review
      • Redundant code review
    • Review Seam 3 and Weld builds
      • Discuss with their team about structure and uses
      • Use concepts from them where possible
    • Design and update current assembly code for requirements

    Longer Term Tasks

    • Integration of the new system with hudson
    • Complete definition of time-box release process and structure
    • Customizable distributions

    Requirements for ALPHA2

    • P1 Time-box release process definition
    • P1 Review Seam 3 and Weld builds for comparision
    • P1 Distribution creation in hudson based on tag or path
      • Including upload and notification
      • Required for time-box releases
    • P1 Plugin review
      • PMD
      • Check style
      • others...
    • P1 Documentation build integration
    • P2 Functional test execution and integration
    • P2 Design framework for customizable distributions


    Estimation on Effort and Time

    • Current structure review - 3-4 days
      • Including dependency alignment if needed.
    • Seam 3/Weld build structure review and planning 2-3 days
    • Plugin review 1-2 days
    • Core assembly updates  guessing 10-15 days
    • Hudson integration, testing, and adjustments ? Guessing 1 week.
    • Documentation, wiki, and blogs to cover usage 2-3 days