RichFaces 4.0 ALPHA2 Component Migration Plan Status

Version 12

    This topic is specific to the workflow, lifecycle, priority and strategy relating to migrating component from 3.3.X to 4.0.  This also includes topics on user submissions of new components, and criteria for acceptance:


    Note: We need to move some of this information to RichFaces 4.0 ALPHA2 Component Implementation Status.  I think that defining the migration workflow, lifecycle will be a task all on its own.  We should use the other page for component listing and actual implementation plans

    Current Status

    General pages

    Near Term Tasks

    • Workflow for migration from sandbox to ui defined.

    Longer Term Tasks

    • Need to make rough plan for the components moving by versions (after A2) in order to work with markups and requirements and RFC's review in this order.

    Requirements for ALPHA2

    • CDK migrated and used in migration
    • Documentation complete. Including VDL docs, Java docs and js docs.
    • Components supported by IDE (?)
    • Components covered by functional tests (?)


    Estimation on Effort and Time

    • Define and create wiki for component migration/creation process and lifecycle ?