Version 36

    This release is going to represent the last of the ALPHA releases.  This means that the majority of the core, CDK, assembly, client lib, etc.... functionality is complete and ready for general and rapid component migration.  The ALPHA2 release of RichFaces was originally planned release shortly after the new year.  However because of several unavoidable events the release have been delayed.  This included the RichFaces 3.3.3 release to add JSF 2.0 support to the 3.3.X branch, working with JSF EG and other component libraries to address interoperability issues, and other internal releases.  Throughout these we have continue to have developers working actively on 4.0.


    Quick Links

    Release Requirements

    The primary goal for this release is to prepare the project foundation for rapid component migration and releases ramping up to the CR1 builds.


    • Components
    • CDK
      • Nearly complete functionality
      • Tutorials and instructions to support comp migration
    • Core / Client Lib
      • Features to support planned functionality
    • Component Migration Process/Lifecycle
    • Assembly & Build Updates
      • Automated release
      • Support Time-boxed
    • Initial Skinning
      • 2 Skins in place
    • QE
      • Initial functional test foundation
      • Build integration
    • Docs
      • Skeleton for all books
      • Completed/reviewed component guide
      • Build integration

    Release Date

    We are planning on a late April release, followed by several time-boxed releases leading to the first CR release.

    • Code Freeze : Early-Mid April
    • Build to QE : Mid April
    • Release : Late April


    For details please review the following wiki pages and meeting notes