RichFaces 4.0 Documentation Plan

Version 15

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    This is the project page for the RichFaces 4.0 documentation project. It is used to track the progress and documentation plans of the project.

    Overview of Project

    RichFaces is an extensive component library for JavaServer Faces, built on the open-source framework Ajax4jsf. It allows for easy integration of Ajax capabilities into enterprise application development.

    RichFaces 4.0 adds support for JSF 2.0, in addition to clarification and streamlining of the components. The documentation will be completely overhauled and rewritten for this new release.

    Documentation Process

    Content Services Publication Lifecycle

    5-Phase Model for developing and maintaining content:

    1. Information Plan -- Creation of the Information Plan and Project Plan deliverables.

    2. Content Specification -- Detailed research with a Content Specification Plan and a revised Project Plan.

    3. Implementation -- Design and development of deliverable.
    4. Production -- Translation and final production of deliverables.
    5. Evaluation -- Evaluating the deliverable and executing the maintenance plan.

    SVN Repository

    Content is maintained in the JBoss SVN repository:

    Content from the previous RichFaces version:


    Meetings and Training

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    Resources Information

    Previous Developer Guide in JBoss EAP 5.0 Documentation:

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    Issues (tasks and bugs) are tracked in JIRA

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