RichFaces 4.0 Markups And Skinning: Semantic Markup Structure Restrictions

Version 2

    This article is a part of RichFaces 4.0 Markups And Skinning discussion


    There are components where we need to change layouts because now  theirs layouts are complicated and/or  haven't some functionality:


    • dataTable
    • scrollableDataTable
    • comboBox
    • extendedDataTable
    • inplaceInput
    • inplaceSelect
    • modalPanel
    • panelBar
    • panelMenu
    • suggestionbox
    • tabPanel
    • toolBar
    • tree


    Implementation proposal


    dataTable, extendedDataTable, scrollableDataTable - we  need to add new functionality and make new light (semantic) layout (see RichFaces Data Iteration Components (DataTables))

    comboBox, inplaceInput, inplaceSelect, suggestionbox – need to make new light inline layout

    modalPanel – it’s very big question. In  my opinion current layout is very complicated, but… It’s topic for future  discussion

    panelBar, panelMenu,  tabPanel – need to make light layouts

    toolBar – need to make light layouts  and change bullets functionality

    tree – need to make  light layouts (and may be it is necessary to add new functionality like  “cutting” long names)