Version 1

    Build System Move to SVN Root

    • Status?
      • Everything moved from rf4_build and JSF2.0
      • Updated from intial review?
        • CDK build problems
    • Can we move /branches/jsf2.0 to sandbox now?
      • related: what to do about example-data & management?
        • I don't like where they are now
    • Moving new svn root items into
      • new repo?
      • new parent directory?

    Resource Review


    This is a listing of items that we would like to cover in these meetings.  There is probably too much here to cover them all in one meeting


    • Consolidated test project
      • Common JSF test project combining seam-mock, jsf-test
    • Client side features to consider while designing
      • Pluggable/Configurable effects for components.
        • I would like to see something like this using behaviors framework
      • Advanced keyboard and accessibility support
        • Needed for accessibility
      • Ilya - have you updated wiki with this?
    • Code review tools
      • Still waiting on IT for response r. crucible
        • I'll ping them again
      • Without that we may need to look into something else
        • Fisheye has good features but is slow
        • pastebin might work, but tough for multi users
        • others?