Version 1

    Note: See transcript for details


    • Good involvement from community members a00001 & clerum - thanks!

    3.3.2.SP1 Release


    • Dev code freeze end of business Friday
      • Ilya will email QE when ready and tag created
    • Alex will kick off build to create artifacts
    • QE will complete initial testing end of business Monday
      • If nothing else found should not need more time
    • We will discuss release at next weeks team meeting.
    • Plan is to release Wednesday next week

    4.0.0 Release

    • Mostly focused on 3.3.2.SP1
    • Anton investigating visual data model
    • Alex and Pavel working on jsf.js compatibility

    AS 5.2 and JSF 2.0 Compatibility Issues discussed

    • AS 5.2 packages JSF 2
      • Admin console uses RichFaces
      • Running into problems.
      • Admin console and AS team should have escalated these issues sooner
    • Discussed several problems and alternatives
      • Jay is going to make a RFPL jira to cover this work & include list of components the admin console uses
      • Jay/Alex are going to investigate and see what can be done if anything
    • Options:
      • Find way to make RF 3.3.X compatible ( at least enough for admin console to run )
      • Prioritize admin console components for 4.0 releases ( but can't guarantee timing )