Version 1

    Note: See transcript for details


    Test Framework Discussion

    • Discussed two options (suggest reading transcript)
      • AI Nick, Alex, Jay : Continue email conversation on test framework
      • Nick and Alex prefer jsf-test for low and mid level tests
        • Easy to use, and have direct control over project
      • Jay is worried that maintaining such a project will be time consuming
        • Does agree for low lvl testing a simple mock/test env may be better/faster for now
        • But when this starts to use htmlunit, build, and evolve it has lost its purpose
        • This then collides with JSFUnit and we maintaining a separate test framework
      • AI Nick and Alex: Create several JSFUnit tests for RichFaces - give it a real chance
        • See what it can do for RF and where it overlaps
    • AI Nick : Ask Stan about CI env integration.

    4.0 ALPHA Plans

    • AI Jay : Take discussions from IRC and create a 4.0 ALPHA1 wiki page defining the release
      • This was a good discussion that will be posted to the wiki ( formatted )
    • AI All : Create component specific jira's for 4.0 ALPHA
    • Planning sometime in august for ALPHA if possible
    • (note: One we get a workable/runnable release we will start time-boxing releases)
    • Most CDK functionality should be in for ALPHA