Version 1

    Note: Details in transcript



    • Many tasks remain
      • Nick is wrapping up template compiler
        • Unit tests are missing
        • Andrey will add tests while Nick moves onto components
        • AI Andrey/Nick: create a jira task for this in RF
      • Alex is working on Annotation processor
    • Alex believes he can finish up CDK for A1 by Tues/Wed next week
    • AI Alex: Update ALPHA1 wiki and others when time
    • EL compiler will not be ready for A1

    Jira assignment

    • Discussed what belongs in RF vs RFPL
      • RFPL example - "Design Refactor new CDK"
      • RF items -
        • These are really RF items
        • Good level of detail for RF
        • Represent concrete items for release not planning or design tasks

    Component Review

    • Discussed handling for a4j:queue & a4j:status
      • AI Ilya: Update wiki with outcome of this talk & source examples of options
    • Agreed on a behavior type model
      • <a4j:queue id="foo"...>
      • ....
      • <a4j:commandButton ...>
        • <a4j:attachQueue queueId="foo" ... />
      • </a4j:commandButton>
    • This will move queue and status specific attributes out of our components - DRY
    • Still some discussion on a4j:status behavior
      • In some ways like a queue in other no so much
    • Discussed the possibility for a <a4j:apply .../> component
      • Generic attribute manipulation
      • Might be useful, but concerns about implementation brought up.

    Misc/Previous AIs

    • AI Prabhat: review wikis and discuss in more details tomorrow
    • AI Jay: Create a RFPL issue to define scope for QE in ALPHA1 release
    • AI Nick & Team: Create jira's for the various tasks remaining for ALPHA1 and what work people are working on.
    • AI Alex: Update other 4.0 wiki pages as needed
    • AI Anton: Create a "Hot To Develop RichFaces 4.0"
      • Discuss how to build and develop the framework