Version 1


    • Status
      • Iteration components development - Anton has read the requirements. Plans for the rest of the week:
        • Create SVN projects structure
        • Write draft plan for the development
        • Alex proposed to look at Trinidad - to check
      • Component migration and lifecycle
        • No activity for this point this week due to work on 3.3.x release
      • Client JS library/queues
        • Completed code review and investigation
        • Can start with implementation
      • CDK
        • Need to add support for XPointer scheme - it is necessary to have modular structure for files containing standard attributes
        • Renderer annotations are not yet supported, either as for other JSF parts (listeners, converters and so on )
      • Unit testing
        • No activities this week
      • Semantic layouts
        • Lex needs feedback for RFPL-96: everybody should check and comment
    • Questions/concerns
      • None, everybody seem to feel comfortable with the planning


    • Status
      • Documentation build for 4.0
        • 80% of components reviewed and rewritten according to a new structure - this work is located in 3.3.x branch
        • Added task: RF-7909 - "Documentation migration for 4.0.0"
        • Anton will add "How to build" article soon and this should help with migration activity
    • Questions/concerns
      • None



    • Testing strategy for A2 release
      • No activities this week - Prabhat and team are focused at 3.3.2
    • Questions/concerns
      • None