Version 1

    Note: Details are in transcript


    • Status - already discussed this at RichFaces Team Meeting Minutes 9-22-2009
    • Client-side library
      • Relation to std. Moajarra library
        • idea to replace jsf.js by providing our renderer for behaviors won't work, because jsf.js can contain another scripts necessary for JSF
        • Another options
          • override renderers for AJAX behavior to use some kind of richfaces.ajax function (i.e. all components should call RF JS API)
          • replace jsf.ajax functions by our own implementation by loading our client-side library after jsf.js
          • employ existing jsf.ajax functionality and extend it with our features
          • keep both implementations and let them work side-by-side - JSF components use jsf.ajax and RF components use richfaces.ajax
            • straight way to parallel request problems
          • Alex proposed to use custom behavior renderer that loads all libraries (standard and extension) and manages additional features as the best solution, so we'll go this way
      • List of features - most of this features are impossible to implement as extension to std. AJAX API
        • queue extensions
        • addition of external scripts/styles by AJAX request
        • server-side code should be able to add/redefine oncomplete/onbeforedomupdate handlers for the current request
        • cleanup for DOM elements and components
        • browser history support
        • generation of debug information for AJAX log - e.g. submitted parameter values
        • "push" feature
        • ...?
      • Design goals
        • graceful downgrade of functionality with the standard script
        • compatibility with 3rd party components (including std. JSF components as they're external for us)
        • clear API and documentation
    • Queues
        • Data tables