RichFaces 4.0 Performance

Version 4

    All of these plans are a work in progress.


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    This is one of the critical areas for the 4.0 release.  Many of the changes that are required in this area may cause backwards compatibility issues, and so the major release of 4.0 is a great time to review these.


    Priority Issues

    • Bandwidth requirements of generated markup
    • Size and # of required resources
      • JavaScript
      • CSS
    • General performance improvements


    For all of these a critical aspect is the creation of reliable and repeatable benchmarks so that developers can see and improvements or regressions based on changes made.


    Bandwidth of Generated Markup

    There are many forum posts and issues related to this.

    <list some of the here>

    1. Simplified HTML markup. Avoid tables where is it possible.
    2. Avoid rendering of default attributes values.
    3. Use short JavaScript function names ( generate one proxy call per form for ajax ), do not render default values.
    4. Yahoo prrformance optimization


    Size & # of Required Resources

    This can really be broken down further into JavaScript librarys, and duplicate CSS entries.



    Currently there are 3 JavaScript libraries in use.  These need to consolidated and standardized.

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    Duplicate or unneeded CSS entries.

    No need to internal CSS values - use the cascading part of CSS.

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    General Performance

    This is a vague requirements that really encapsulates many little changes.

    <jira search>



    Benchmarks & Testsuites

    In orderto really get a grasp on these issues and maintain quality we need to make sure changes to the source code are regularly tested and benchmarks compared.  This is obviously the job of a testsuite running in Hudson.