Version 2

    This meeting was to organize and discuss planning meeting that will take place the week September 7th - 11th.  We started out with some other project updates as well.



    • We are going to announce Monday
    • Should be uploaded tonight
    • Extra testing over the week-end if possible.
    • AI Release Monday:
      • AI Alex : Publish CDK tutorial and walk through on wiki
      • AI Nick : Update Maven Repo
      • AI QE & Dev : Verify downloads and Maven repo
      • AI Ilya: Activate download page
      • AI Jay: Announce release ( blog, twitter, forums, etc...)


    • Nick and Jay are reviewing jira's for it
    • Planning end of September, or early October release
    • Small, targeted updates


    4.0.0.ALPHA2 Planning and Beyond

    • Planning meetings week of Sept 7-11
    • Discussed preparation requirements for Meetings
      • These need to finished up on wiki on Monday Sept 7th
        • Time to review before meetings
      • Will set meeting times next week
    • Please review transcript for details and create RFPL jira's to cover your tasks
      • Break down into actual units of work so tasks can be shared if needed
        • Ilya: Component requirements and priorities
        • Lex: Semantic markup restrictions, examples, and component impact
        • Nick & Pavel : Component migration planning, Core features
        • Alex S : CDK requirements, Core features
    • Assembler is postponed for October
    • QE & Docs will be providing there own plans at a later date based on our plans.