Version 1

    Test Framework Wrap-up

    • We need to finalize our plans for this so we can move on
    • Vibrant discussion in email relating to this
    • Two Options
      • JSFUnit for all unit testing (class lvl & component lvl)
      • jsf-test/mock for class lvl and JSFUnit for component lvl
    • Selenium testing still used for end-to-end testing


    ALPHA1 Planning

    • Min functionality and features
      • At least basic a4j functionality
        • Must have something for people to play with
        • Must have a basic example
      • Perhaps 1-2 rich: component examples (basic func)
      • Need to break these down more in meeting - please bring thoughts
    • Dates and timing with release
    • Once we get this figured out more we can focus on resource/component migration from 3.3.X
    • AI Jay: Create a wiki based on this discussion to track ALPHA plans



    • AI Anton: Create a "How To Develop RichFaces 4.0"
      • Discuss how to build and develop the framework
    • AI Jay: Investigate codestyle/findbug plugin & develop code style policies