Version 1

    4.0.0.A2 Release

    • Client library development/extensions
    • Iteration component development
      • Status
      • Questions/concerns
    • XInclude and apache license
      • Discussed yesterday with Alex
      • No good way to handle this without our own impl
      • Updates to cocoon xinclude support will be isolated in it's own module
    • Assembler
      • Discussions and plans to start next week
    • Other Critical Path Items
      • Docs
        • Need to get better skeleton in build system
        • Work with Sean & team to review plans
      • Others....


    • CDK Walkthough
    • Wiki Breakout
      • Any jira's or actions created for breaking out 3.X and 4.X wiki articles?
    • "How to build/develop"
      • Status