Version 1

    Note: Details in the transcript


    • With the release of 3.3.2.SR1 we are going to combine the RichFaces meetings Tues. and Wed.
    • New meeting will be the same time Tuesday and will focus on 4.0 and general project topics

    3.3.2.SR1 Release

    • Ready to go and will announce after the release

    AS 5.2/JSF 2.0, Admin-Console and RichFaces

    • Sync up for meeting tomorrow
    • Plan:
      • Nick will locally test RF 3.3 with JSF 2 selenium tests
        • Analysis basic difficulty for support
      • If doable we will spin off a new 3.3.X_JSF2 branch and create hudson builds and tasks for support
        • Note this is only experimental at this time
        • Any work done on this branch will be part time for now
      • If not doable we will write up details of issues found and focus on RF 4.0 only
      • We will push AS 5.2 to support JSF lib isolation for applications
        • This will help buy us time for support ( either RF 3.3 or RF 4 )