Version 2

    Note: See transcript for details - <upload TBD>


    • Running late, should be completed by Friday/Monday
    • Tasks moved to
    • AI Alex: Create a "how to" wiki page for basic CDK usage
    • AI Alex: Write up forum post describing concerns regarding syntax and names for elements, annotation, attributes, etc....


    • AI Jay: Update ALPHA1 wiki with new component list
      • outputPanel
      • mediaOutput
      • log
      • push
      • jsFunction
      • ajax
      • status
      • commandButton/Link
    • Code freeze for A1 is Friday EOB
      • Build dist and dev test Monday/Tuesday next week
      • Release Wednesday/Thursday


    •   AI Jay : Create jira to update assembler - Alex K will need to assist
    •   AI Jay:  Create a forum post to discuss A1 dist structure for Jira (see transcript for details)
      •   AI Alex: Add CDK specific items and plan in the forum post for CDK assembler
      •   AI Ilya: Add example information to the assembler forum post