Version 2

    Note: See transcript for details


    • AI All: Review ALPHA1 wiki and linked pages
      • comment and feedback needed
    • AI Alex: Update ALHPA1 wiki page with CDK details
    • AI Alex: Update other 4.0 wiki pages as needed
    • AI Alex: Break down and create jira's representing remaining steps for CDK to distribute tests
    • AI Nick & Team: Create jira's for the various tasks remaining for ALPHA1 and what work people are working on.

    Component Review

    QE Involvement in Releases

    • QE involvement limited for ALPHA, but should grow each release
    • AI Prabhat: review wikis and discuss in more details tomorrow
    • AI Jay: Create a RFPL issue to define scope for QE in ALPHA1 release


    • No disagreements to the current monthly release plan after ALPHA