Version 1

    4.0.0.ALPHA2 Release


    • Team mostly focused on 3.3.2.GA release
    • Detailed discussion to wait for next week - post 3.3.2.GA


    Client Side Library Plans

    • AI Alex: Keep working with EG and RI team on interop issues with sf.js
    • Interop is a priority for spec and us
    • AI Jay and Alex: Post 3.3.2.GA work together on technical issues, and post blog discussing RF approach

    Iteration Components

    • Anton gave summary of progress
    • Some questions asked, but no time to focus on 4.0
    • Postpone for next weeks meeting

    3.3.2.GA Release Discussion

    • We broke into a 3.3.2.GA talk
      • We will be releasing Monday Oct 5th
      • Everything should be verified, staged, and ready by end of day Friday
      • This worked well for the 3.3.2.CR1 release
    • Final Build
      • Alex to kick off when demo merge confirmed
      • QE to perform final testing
      • Doc & Jay to verify doc bundle and work with IT to upload


    • AI Ilya: Create RFPL jira for CDK walkthrough archive work
    • AI Jay: Follow up on other community topics next week