RichFaces Component Gallery Application Status

Version 6

    Current Status

         Application in 4.0 A1 state


    Near Term Tasks

    • Discuss and approve design points for the demo.
      • how much work should be done on this? This should be finall design and detailed work required or just get some more accurate template for example from css templates and use it for Alpha-Early Beta versions with planning to work more on that in the future(latest betas or before GA).
      • if we will want to make complete design in nearest versions we need to consider that some components already should be migrated. For example menus or tab panels. Thats the main point which made me think that complete design should be postponed to B1
      • I believe we should not just "migrate" old demo but work under new design for major version.
    • Review under new JSF milestone and fix any problems which appears in current state.
    • Review if there are any use-cases which is usefull to be added for current set of components and absent currently.


    Longer Term Tasks


    Requirements for ALPHA2




    Estimation on Effort and Time

    • New examples creation - normally 1-2 days per component
    • bugfixing - ? (depends on current state review results)
    • design - ? (depends on question in near term plans about design)