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    [11:02pm] balunasj: so let's get started

    [11:03pm] serogers: OK

    [11:03pm] balunasj: serogers: the main things I wanted to cover are final items like reviews, push, etc..

    [11:03pm] serogers: Sure

    [11:04pm] ilya_shaikovsky: Hi Guys!

    [11:04pm] serogers: Hi Ilya

    [11:05pm] serogers: I think the Developer Guide still needs a review

    [11:06pm] balunasj: agree, and I'll be doing that this week and next

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    [11:07pm] balunasj: I'd also like to get qe on that

    [11:07pm] serogers: Sure

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    [11:08pm] serogers: The Component Reference has been reviewed as we've gone, but it's possible some things have changed. It would be good to get that to QE as well if possible.

    [11:08pm] ilya_shaikovsky: Also want to participate but still working on push and besides has cool contribution of Arrangeable model sample also need to review and propose to sandbox

    [11:08pm] balunasj: are there any recent changes to. the dev guide?

    [11:09pm] serogers: No, not recent changes

    [11:09pm] balunasj_mtg: ok

    [11:09pm] • balunasj_mtg I'm back

    [11:09pm] serogers: *no recent changes

    [11:09pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: agree on the component guide with qe as well

    [11:10pm] balunasj_mtg: ppitonak: lfryc: fyi^

    [11:10pm] balunasj_mtg: I'll be createing some jira's for Final

    [11:10pm] balunasj_mtg: but likely best to work a little each day on it

    [11:10pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: yup I know you have been busy with other things as well

    [11:10pm] balunasj_mtg: push is a priority

    [11:11pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: nbelaevski: and we can talk about any other recent updates after this meeting

    [11:12pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: where do we stand on push?

    [11:12pm] nbelaevski: balunasj_mtg: sure

    [11:12pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: ^

    [11:12pm] serogers: The component reference still has the old push details

    [11:13pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: ok

    [11:13pm] ilya_shaikovsky: still at Friday's sate.. has a lot of review/support requests two days of that week and solved a few issues assigned to me on docs(messages, autocomplete) and showcase

    [11:13pm] ilya_shaikovsky: need to finish application description

    [11:13pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: ok I understand

    [11:13pm] ilya_shaikovsky: and Nick reviewed and added comment - need also review and update

    [11:13pm] ilya_shaikovsky: start working today again

    [11:14pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: ok great

    [11:15pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: are there any other major changes or tasks that you see for Final

    [11:15pm] balunasj_mtg: besides - reviews and updates - push updates

    [11:15pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: I'd like it if you could also help with migration guide --> wiki items if time

    [11:16pm] serogers: I don't believe so

    [11:16pm] serogers: but I have some questions about the skinning reference

    [11:16pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: ah yes thanks for reminding about that

    [11:17pm] ilya_shaikovsky: B.t.w. what about demo?

    [11:18pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: agree we need to discuss that

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    [11:19pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: for showcase -->

    [11:19pm] jbossbot: jira [RFPL-1210] Review & Update Showcase example text for clarity, consistency, and grammar [Open (Unresolved) Task, Blocker, Jay Balunas]

    [11:20pm] ilya_shaikovsky: ah.. ok.. just lost it and wanted to ping how things are doing there

    [11:21pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: so we'll discuss skinning questions, demo text updates, and migration to wiki

    [11:21pm] ilya_shaikovsky: sorry, Sean.. what about  skinning questions?

    [11:21pm] serogers: Just a second, bringing them up...

    [11:22pm] serogers: I have documented all the classes in this directory:

    [11:22pm] serogers:

    [11:23pm] serogers: Are there more elsewhere? I assume there are but don't know where to look

    [11:24pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: nbelaevski: I'm not sure where others are off the top of my head - do you?

    [11:25pm] ilya_shaikovsky: it's classes only for iteration components

    [11:25pm] ilya_shaikovsky: any module here (except common, core and dist) should be checked for resources

    [11:25pm] balunasj_mtg:

    [11:26pm] serogers: OK, so there is a bit more to do on that

    [11:26pm] balunasj_mtg: right so for example this would be for the imputs.

    [11:26pm] balunasj_mtg: yup - almost every component group has skin items.

    [11:27pm] nbelaevski: yup, even core components have them

    [11:27pm] serogers: Apart from push that is all that is left to do, so I'll focus on finishing that

    [11:28pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: ok great - how long did it take to document the table skin items?

    [11:28pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: just to help estimate the rest?

    [11:28pm] serogers: About 3 days

    [11:28pm] balunasj_mtg: ok, so the rest will be a fair amount of work

    [11:29pm] serogers: Actually, a lot of that was trying to get the layout right... so maybe not as long

    [11:29pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: ok that is good

    [11:29pm] serogers: layout still looks a little funny, but I'll have to edit the document styles

    [11:30pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: let us know when it is in a state that you like and we'll take a look as well.

    [11:30pm] serogers: OK

    [11:30pm] serogers: Just had a question on that tooo

    [11:30pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: any estimates for serogers on push updates - thinking next week right?

    [11:31pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: sure

    [11:31pm] serogers: datascroller has .rf-ds-cont and .rf-ds-cont-dec but those abbreviations are listed in the wiki... what are they for?

    [11:33pm] juank_prada joined the chat room.

    [11:34pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: I'm not sure - ilya_shaikovsky Konstantin do you know?

    [11:35pm] juank_prada: hi guys, I'm sorry I'm late, but there was a lot of traffic today in the highway

    [11:35pm] serogers: Hi juank_prada

    [11:36pm] juank_prada: hi serogers

    [11:36pm] ilya_shaikovsky: balunasj_mtg, we will work saturday too because of holidays

    [11:36pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: Hi

    [11:36pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: no problem at all

    [11:36pm] ilya_shaikovsky: so want to complete that seek to review and complete next week

    [11:36pm] juank_prada: balunasj_mtg: hi

    [11:36pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: yup - the change in working day

    [11:37pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: do you know about the 2 classes serogers is asking about?

    [11:37pm] ilya_shaikovsky: not sure about the classes right now.. need to check in stylesheet

    [11:37pm] ilya_shaikovsky: I guess cont=control

    [11:37pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: ok

    [11:37pm] ilya_shaikovsky: but need to check more

    [11:37pm] balunasj_mtg: push next week - good

    [11:38pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: anything else for that?

    [11:38pm] serogers: No, that's it

    [11:38pm] ilya_shaikovsky: mmm, Sean.. probably better to send emails or rise RFPL's for questions like that in order not to wait for meeting and in order we to have time to review and prepare answers

    [11:38pm] ilya_shaikovsky: WDYT?

    [11:38pm] balunasj_mtg: agree

    [11:38pm] ilya_shaikovsky: it would be faster for you.. and easier for us

    [11:38pm] serogers: No problem, I just came across it today so thought I would wait

    [11:39pm] serogers: I'll put it in a Jira

    [11:39pm] ilya_shaikovsky: ah.. ok good

    [11:39pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: we ( you and I ) also need to split some time off to review the showcase text jira's above

    [11:39pm] serogers: Yeah, I was going to start that once I had done the skinning

    [11:42pm] balunasj_mtg: ok good

    [11:42pm] balunasj_mtg: I will also be starting that as a part time task

    [11:42pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: I think you will be pretty tight on time so not sure how much

    [11:42pm] serogers: OK

    [11:43pm] balunasj_mtg: help you will be with migration guide, but if you have time and updates to the wiki from the

    [11:43pm] balunasj_mtg: doc you have would be good

    [11:43pm] serogers: Sure

    [11:43pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: is there a lot that can still be moved?

    [11:44pm] ilya_shaikovsky: balunasj_mtg, also not worked on that from last meeting  So can't tell to be sure

    [11:45pm] balunasj_mtg: ok sure

    [11:45pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: any other topics for now?

    [11:45pm] serogers: Nothing more from me

    [11:45pm] balunasj_mtg: we'll talk with juank_prada on hist updates if not

    [11:45pm] balunasj_mtg: ok

    [11:45pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: I saw you updates, but have been traveling since I gave you commit rights

    [11:45pm] balunasj_mtg: did everything go ok?

    [11:46pm] juank_prada: balunasj_mtg: yes... I had no problems commiting

    [11:46pm] juank_prada: still have to commit an update on readme-ui.txt where information on how to get RF is removed

    [11:47pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: ok great - I'll try to get a look at it more today, but long list

    [11:48pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: any other questions or items to discuss?

    [11:48pm] juank_prada: no, I think I'm happy with the readme files, of course they need the review specillay in case there is any typo

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    [11:49pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: yup - agree

    [11:49pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: I'm happy with them as well

    [11:49pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: we'll get them reviewed again before code freeze

    [11:49pm] juank_prada: ok

    [11:50pm] balunasj_mtg: ok then ilya_shaikovsky nbelaevski anything else?

    [11:50pm] ilya_shaikovsky: seems no

    [11:50pm] nbelaevski: none from me

    [11:51pm] balunasj_mtg: ok guys thanks

    [11:51pm] serogers: Thanks everyone