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    (10:07:07 PM) balunasj: serogers: where would you like to start? Perhaps with the builds and current status items?
    (10:07:15 PM) serogers: Sure
    (10:07:50 PM) serogers: As you may have seen on the forum I've got my builds working now
    (10:08:08 PM) serogers: So I should be able to get the API docs built and up with the rest of the 3.3.3 docs
    (10:08:17 PM) balunasj: yup :-) I have not tried the full build all at once before with docs - what is breaking?
    (10:08:27 PM) balunasj: excellent
    (10:09:54 PM) serogers: It was giving me the same sort of error as before, the fatal error with the invalid jar index exception
    (10:10:20 PM) balunasj: weird
    (10:10:35 PM) balunasj: ok - lets not worry to much about that as long as you have a workflow now.
    (10:10:42 PM) serogers: I tried building the API docs today but it didn't go to well. I was hoping I could figure it out myself.
    (10:10:54 PM) balunasj: we won't have much more to do with 3.3.X after the next month.
    (10:11:02 PM) serogers: I looked through the handover stuff and there wasn't much mention of the API docs
    (10:11:05 PM) serogers: OK
    (10:11:48 PM) balunasj: I'm surprised I would have hoped that would be the easy part.
    (10:12:00 PM) serogers: I know, I thought it would be too
    (10:12:17 PM) serogers: Does Nick know much about building the API docs?
    (10:12:30 PM) balunasj: Perhaps you could post on the forums again - did that work for you? I know there is a delay, but I think that in inevitable with the tz diff
    (10:12:49 PM) balunasj: He might Marauder might too
    (10:12:53 PM) balunasj: Marauder: ping
    (10:12:55 PM) serogers: Yeah that worked pretty well. The delay is fine
    (10:13:09 PM) Marauder: serogers, balunasj, yup guys I'm here
    (10:13:11 PM) Marauder is now known as ilya_shaikovsky
    (10:13:41 PM) balunasj: ilya_shaikovsky: any incite into the API doc builds - serogers is having problems.
    (10:13:48 PM) serogers: ilya_shaikovsky, do you know the procedure for building the API docs?
    (10:13:48 PM) ilya_shaikovsky: I thought documentation profile builds the docs??
    (10:13:58 PM) ilya_shaikovsky: seems need to check again
    (10:14:31 PM) balunasj: ilya_shaikovsky: its ok if you don't know serogers is going to post the forums again so we can review when we have time.
    (10:14:41 PM) ilya_shaikovsky: ok
    (10:15:11 PM) balunasj: serogers: at this point we really only need to get the API docs up for the 3.3.3.CR1 release so we should have time.
    (10:15:25 PM) serogers: Yep, I think so
    (10:15:53 PM) balunasj: serogers: speaking of that did you see the minutes or transcript for the last meeting
    (10:16:08 PM) serogers: I read through them, yes
    (10:16:08 PM) balunasj: serogers: it had dates and planning items.
    (10:16:19 PM) balunasj: ok good
    (10:16:28 PM) serogers: Yep, end of the month for 3.3.3.CR1?
    (10:16:42 PM) balunasj: so those dates should give you plenty of time to get the doc builds figured out.
    (10:16:43 PM) balunasj: yup
    (10:16:49 PM) serogers: Yes
    (10:17:07 PM) serogers: I think you also noted that the 4.0 dates would be decided on soon
    (10:17:26 PM) balunasj: btw - you might want to review the hudson builds for docs - perhaps there is a setting there that could help.
    (10:17:29 PM) balunasj: serogers: yes, that is the other thing I wanted to talk to you about.
    (10:17:44 PM) balunasj: if we are all set with 3.3.3 stuff we can move on
    (10:17:51 PM) serogers: Yes, good idea with the Hudson builds, I will look into that
    (10:17:56 PM) serogers: OK
    (10:18:18 PM) balunasj: I'm sure you have the emails about the 4.0 ALPHA2 status meetings
    (10:18:34 PM) balunasj: and I create a skeleton page to docs status here -
    (10:18:50 PM) balunasj: I know you have weekly status for you, but this is higher level for 4.0
    (10:19:28 PM) balunasj: sorry here is the doc status sub-page
    (10:19:29 PM) balunasj:
    (10:19:45 PM) serogers: OK, no problem
    (10:20:09 PM) balunasj: As I said in the emails I don't people repeating themselves all over, so if you can put links, jira, etc... in the status we'll follow.
    (10:20:39 PM) balunasj: Then next week we will have more meeting - likely every day to discuss.
    (10:20:42 PM) serogers: OK. The status stuff was something I wanted to discuss, so this makes sense now
    (10:21:09 PM) balunasj: I think we should plan on having a doc meeting next week - and focus on your status, plans, timing for ALPHA2
    (10:21:25 PM) serogers: OK
    (10:22:32 PM) pmuir [] entered the room.
    (10:22:48 PM) nbelaevski [n=kvirc@] entered the room.
    (10:22:49 PM) serogers: Thursday next week then?
    (10:22:50 PM) balunasj: part of this planning is how to get the doc builds and bundles part of the larger build for 4.0 so that the complete distribution can get packaged by hudson. This may require some assistance from you when we get to that point.
    (10:23:11 PM) serogers: Sure
    (10:23:15 PM) balunasj: serogers: I can't do thursday - lets plan Wed
    (10:23:18 PM) balunasj: if that is ok
    (10:23:34 PM) nbelaevski: hello
    (10:23:36 PM) serogers: Should be fine I think
    (10:23:41 PM) serogers: Hi nbelaevski
    (10:23:41 PM) balunasj: nbelaevski: Hi nick
    (10:23:44 PM) nbelaevski: sorry guys I'm late today
    (10:23:47 PM) balunasj: np
    (10:24:11 PM) balunasj: nbelaevski: we have just discussed 3.3.3 doc builds
    (10:24:20 PM) balunasj: 4.0 planning and status
    (10:24:31 PM) nbelaevski: balunasj: yes, Ilya told me
    (10:24:54 PM) balunasj: we are going to have another doc meeting next week to cover 4.0 specifically and serogers is going to update the 4.0 status page for it.
    (10:24:59 PM) balunasj: nbelaevski: ok cool
    (10:25:31 PM) balunasj: serogers: you had some other things on the agenda - want to discuss those now?
    (10:25:40 PM) serogers: Yes
    (10:26:04 PM) serogers: I wanted to know a bit more about the wiki restructure
    (10:26:27 PM) serogers: What does it involve?
    (10:26:35 PM) balunasj: sure - anything specific?
    (10:26:42 PM) balunasj: or just in general.
    (10:28:08 PM) serogers: Just in general I guess
    (10:28:18 PM) balunasj: Well before everything was just one place for all projects
    (10:28:31 PM) balunasj: it was called "wiki" - great name
    (10:28:55 PM) balunasj: part of the migration with the new forums is that every project gets their own "space"
    (10:29:26 PM) balunasj: so now wiki documents, forums, etc... can all be customized and sectioned by project
    (10:29:50 PM) balunasj: part of that is a manual move of RichFaces content from "wiki" to our new spaces.
    (10:30:06 PM) balunasj: We have 1 main space called "RichFaces"
    (10:30:17 PM) balunasj: with a "RichFaces Development" subspace
    (10:30:30 PM) balunasj: I moved most of the wiki pages last week
    (10:30:41 PM) balunasj: although it is very manual
    (10:31:01 PM) balunasj: If you want a "subspace" just for docs lets me know - but I'm not sure it needs it.
    (10:32:06 PM) balunasj: any new documents should be created in the RichFaces space
    (10:32:14 PM) balunasj: or one of its subspaces
    (10:32:27 PM) serogers: OK. I don't think I need a docs subspace but just good to know the background
    (10:32:31 PM) serogers: Thanks
    (10:32:54 PM) balunasj: serogers: sure - we are going to use the "overview" page of the spaces as the new wiki page page
    (10:33:06 PM) balunasj: other than that there is not too big of a change.
    (10:33:16 PM) balunasj:
    (10:33:43 PM) balunasj: as an example of the overview page - we still have more add obviously :-)
    (10:33:53 PM) serogers: Cool, thanks
    (10:33:59 PM) balunasj: sure
    (10:34:02 PM) balunasj: whats next?
    (10:34:05 PM) serogers: Now more of a technical question, though I was working from an early design page on the wiki so things may have changed...
    (10:34:43 PM) serogers: What is the difference between the onbegin and onsubmit events, and between the onsuccess and oncomplete events?
    (10:35:48 PM) balunasj: do you have the wiki page link you mentioned?
    (10:35:55 PM) serogers: Let me find it...
    (10:36:59 PM) ilya_shaikovsky: I believe you talking about
    (10:37:11 PM) serogers: ilya_shaikovsky: yes that's it
    (10:37:38 PM) ilya_shaikovsky: success - risen after responce returned but before dom updated
    (10:37:44 PM) ilya_shaikovsky: complete after dom update
    (10:38:12 PM) balunasj: ilya_shaikovsky: is that different than "onbeforedomupdate"
    (10:38:36 PM) balunasj: never mind -
    (10:38:54 PM) ***balunasj need more coffee....
    (10:39:29 PM) serogers: OK
    (10:39:39 PM) ilya_shaikovsky: begin - jsf event on event sending and submit our event which fired not before actual sending but right after event occured and 2) should be cancelable
    (10:39:57 PM) ilya_shaikovsky: ..and submit - is our..
    (10:41:12 PM) serogers: OK, thanks ilya_shaikovsky. I think that makes sense now.
    (10:41:27 PM) balunasj: ilya_shaikovsky: from discussions at JSFSummit, and from some of our forums discussions. iirc requests are only "cancelable" until they are submited.
    (10:41:43 PM) balunasj: after that they are not
    (10:42:05 PM) balunasj: serogers: the last topic on the agenda was tech reviews.
    (10:42:56 PM) serogers: Yep. I am almost up to the stage with the Component Reference where I will send some chapters for review
    (10:43:11 PM) balunasj: serogers: great :-)
    (10:43:29 PM) serogers: Hopefully next week I should have some to send
    (10:43:45 PM) ilya_shaikovsky: balunasj, yup.. so our event risen when event occurs but the request was not yet queued so the user could cancel it
    (10:44:49 PM) balunasj: serogers: before I forget - please add to the status page we discussed, and for the meeting next week --> Discussion on how dev/qe should get new information to you and how to communicate updates/changes/new items
    (10:45:01 PM) balunasj: ilya_shaikovsky: good
    (10:45:44 PM) balunasj: serogers: I think next week is going to be very busy with the various meetings, but we'll review when we can - likely the following week.
    (10:46:29 PM) serogers: No problem. There should be plenty of time to review.
    (10:46:45 PM) balunasj: ok good
    (10:47:30 PM) balunasj: anything else or are we good?
    (10:47:35 PM) serogers: I think that's it
    (10:47:39 PM) serogers: Thanks everyone
    (10:48:02 PM) balunasj: great thanks serogers
    (10:48:19 PM) serogers: Talk to you next week then
    (10:48:32 PM) balunasj: yup
    (10:49:22 PM) serogers: Bye everyone