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    [10:03pm] serogers: Hi everyone

    [10:07pm] balunasj: serogers: Hi sean
    [10:07pm] balunasj: I think we had a timezone issue
    [10:08pm] balunasj: most of us were here an hour ago.
    [10:08pm] serogers: Oh
    [10:08pm] balunasj: not a bug problem - just wanted to figure it out
    [10:08pm] balunasj: What does the project calendar show for you?
    [10:09pm] serogers: let me just bring it up...
    [10:09pm] ilya_shaikovsky: serogers, Hi!
    [10:09pm] serogers: hi ilya_shaikovsky
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    [10:12pm] serogers: Have you got the link to the calendar handy? Having trouble with VPN...
    [10:14pm] serogers: It says 7am eastern time... but I was basing my times on UTC... sorry, I should didn't actually check the time in the calendar
    [10:15pm] balunasj: serogers: thats ok - would it be better if I based on UTC?  I'm assuming google calendar support that
    [10:16pm] serogers: Not sure, whatever is easiest
    [10:17pm] balunasj: ok - I'll see what options I have and let everyone know how I update
    [10:18pm] serogers: So are we OK to meet now? Or should we postpone until next week?
    [10:18pm] balunasj: serogers: no - I think we are good
    [10:18pm] serogers: OK
    [10:18pm] balunasj: ilya_shaikovsky: nbelaevski , me, and you are here
    [10:19pm] balunasj: serogers: also I moved the doc meeting discussion from richfaces development to the richfaces team meeting area
    [10:19pm] serogers: Oh OK
    [10:20pm] balunasj: serogers: the only thing I had to add to your agenda
    [10:20pm] balunasj: is snapshot docs for 4.0
    [10:21pm] serogers: OK
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    [10:21pm] serogers: Let's discuss that first
    [10:21pm] balunasj: sure
    [10:21pm] serogers: I haven't made much progress on that since we last discussed it, it doesn't look like any of the other doc teams are doing it just yet
    [10:22pm] serogers: I need to email Mark about it but haven't done that yet
    [10:22pm] balunasj: serogers: the seam team just started with theirs
    [10:22pm] balunasj: serogers: so starting a conversation with them would be a good thing
    [10:22pm] serogers: OK
    [10:22pm] balunasj: pmuir: who set that up for you?
    [10:23pm] • balunasj not sure if pmuir is around, but that will teach him for lurking   We'll pull him into our meeting....
    [10:23pm] pmuir: with what, sorry?
    [10:23pm] pmuir: i what is "that"
    [10:23pm] balunasj: pmuir: np - the snapshot docs
    [10:23pm] balunasj: pmuir: I saw the announcement on seam-dev, and serogers is going to look into that for RF
    [10:24pm] balunasj: pmuir: just looking for a point in the right direction for him
    [10:25pm] pmuir: Oh
    [10:25pm] rafaelliu joined the chat room.
    [10:26pm] pmuir: you need to get IT to add the hudson ssh key as one that can write to your area on filemgmt
    [10:26pm] pmuir: and then you use a rsync line in Hudson
    [10:26pm] pmuir: take a look at WeldDocumentation for an example of the rsync
    [10:26pm] balunasj: excellent pmuir thanks
    [10:26pm] serogers: Thanks pmuir
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    [10:27pm] balunasj: serogers: I would add that to you RFPL-465 jira
    [10:27pm] jbossbot: [RFPL-465] Investigate and implement publishing Hudson snapshots to [Open, Major, Sean Rogers]
    [10:28pm] serogers: No problem
    [10:29pm] balunasj: That was the only addition to you agenda I had
    [10:29pm] serogers: OK
    [10:30pm] serogers: So now 3.3.3.F is released, it would be good if we can move on the tech review of the docs
    [10:30pm] serogers: I've almost finished the rest of the developer's guide for review
    [10:31pm] balunasj: serogers: wow that is great
    [10:31pm] serogers: Well, first draft...
    [10:31pm] balunasj: serogers: are there any post 3.3.3.F tasks that you would like to do, to "put it to bed"?
    [10:31pm] balunasj: serogers: we are going to shift around the docs to follow the updated layout
    [10:32pm] serogers: Not at this stage that I can think of
    [10:32pm] serogers: OK
    [10:32pm] balunasj: serogers: ok - I did not really think of anything either
    [10:32pm] balunasj: serogers: ilya_shaikovsky and I are going to handle the downloads area, will you have time or be able to update the docs area following the layout?
    [10:33pm] serogers: Yes, no problem
    [10:33pm] balunasj: serogers: basically you would need to create the directories, pull down current docs and then upload to the right place.
    [10:33pm] balunasj: serogers: ok great - I think there is already a RFPL for it, if not I'll add it
    [10:33pm] • balunasj I guess I did have one other agenda item
    [10:34pm] balunasj: serogers: please go on, I'm sorry
    [10:34pm] serogers: No problem
    [10:35pm] serogers: For the components that are required for Alpha2
    [10:35pm] serogers: Have the details of a4j:apply been finalised yet?
    [10:36pm] ilya_shaikovsky: it's postponed
    [10:36pm] ilya_shaikovsky: so will not be in A2
    [10:37pm] serogers: Oh, OK
    [10:37pm] lfryc joined the chat room.
    [10:37pm] serogers: Well that makes that easy
    [10:38pm] serogers: We discussed that a4j:componentControl has been moved from rich:componentControl
    [10:38pm] serogers: Can I get the new details such as component-type, component-class, etc for the docs?
    [10:38pm] balunasj: serogers: yup - anton is about to start the impl of that one
    [10:39pm] balunasj: let me ping him
    [10:39pm] ilya_shaikovsky: he's not there right now
    [10:39pm] balunasj: don't see him online atm
    [10:39pm] balunasj: ok
    [10:41pm] balunasj: serogers: I would recommend emailing him to coordinate the details
    [10:41pm] serogers: OK, will do
    [10:41pm] balunasj: serogers: FYI - for
    [10:41pm] jbossbot: [RFPL-523] Move existing files in following new structure and update project links if needed [Open, Major, Sean Rogers]
    [10:41pm] serogers: OK, thanks
    [10:42pm] serogers: OK, the browser compatibility for skinning... let me just find it...
    [10:43pm] balunasj: ilya_shaikovsky: basic and extended skinning is changing for 4.0 iirc
    [10:43pm] serogers: Oh, OK
    [10:43pm] balunasj: ilya_shaikovsky: correct?
    [10:44pm] balunasj: Andrei Markhel is leading the skinning efforts
    [10:44pm] ilya_shaikovsky: Nick and Andrew has additional discussion at Friday so need to ping somebody of them to be 100% sure..
    [10:45pm] serogers: I have mostly been rewriting the docs using 3.3.X information, but we will use the tech reviews to highlight where information has changed. I hope this is OK?
    [10:46pm] balunasj: serogers: I think that is the best way for now
    [10:46pm] serogers: Good
    [10:47pm] ilya_shaikovsky: Its seems best for now for sure.. but there are seems much info which will be marked as to be changed as I see from this first review
    [10:47pm] balunasj: serogers: Ideally I would like to you to "play" with the tech and then update/write docs, but that may need to wait until we have a good base on info
    [10:47pm] serogers: Yeah, that is OK.
    [10:48pm] serogers: Once I have a base of documentation to work from, updating the details should be easy
    [10:48pm] serogers: OK, last bit of the agenda is to discuss the skin parameter lists for each component.
    [10:49pm] serogers: We discussed this before and weren't sure whether to keep them separated with the component guide, or all in one big skinning section
    [10:49pm] serogers: Any more thoughts on this?
    [10:49pm] balunasj: hmm - it really comes down to how we think users will develop and skin
    [10:50pm] balunasj: will they do all the skinning at once? then it should all be in one place
    [10:50pm] balunasj: will they skin and apply styles while developing the page and working with component?  then should be with components
    [10:51pm] balunasj: my gut tells me keeping with components might be most useful for a reference guide
    [10:51pm] serogers: Yeah, I'm not really sure. I might need to consult in the forums and get opinions
    [10:51pm] balunasj: serogers: I would always encourage that
    [10:51pm] ilya_shaikovsky: I also voted for remaining them where it was.. as the user will need to have info on particular component
    [10:52pm] ilya_shaikovsky: or we need to duplicate structure
    [10:52pm] ilya_shaikovsky: example:
    [10:52pm] ilya_shaikovsky: skinning\
    [10:52pm] ilya_shaikovsky:   rich\
    [10:52pm] ilya_shaikovsky:     calendar classes and parameters
    [10:52pm] ilya_shaikovsky: part of the TOC  which I could imagine if moving with separate place
    [10:53pm] ilya_shaikovsky: And the same info in usage components section does not enlarge the section much.. but the developer has all the component info in-place
    [10:54pm] serogers: OK.
    [10:54pm] ilya_shaikovsky: just my opinion..
    [10:55pm] serogers: I tend to agree
    [10:55pm] balunasj: my only concern with duplicated structure is maintenance
    [10:55pm] balunasj: but I also agree it would likely be most useful way
    [10:56pm] serogers: OK, well I think that's all I wanted to cover. Anything else?
    [10:56pm] balunasj: I covered my other topics earlier so I'm good
    [10:57pm] ilya_shaikovsky: and me finally send you first try of review.. so also seems all for now
    [10:57pm] balunasj: great, well thanks all
    [10:57pm] serogers: Great
    [10:58pm] serogers: Thanks everyone