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    [10:05pm] balunasj: serogers: So one thing I wanted to bring up, is that we are going to have a M1 post-mortem meeting

    [10:05pm] balunasj: I know you can not make it
    [10:05pm] serogers: Yep, I saw the email
    [10:05pm] balunasj: but I wanted to get your thoughts on M1, and what you thought worked, and what could be changed to make the monthly releases
    [10:06pm] balunasj: more productive, or efficient?
    [10:07pm] serogers: From a docs perspective, I'm not really sure
    [10:07pm] serogers: It seemed to go well enough
    [10:07pm] balunasj: serogers: do you feel the build is close to wrapped up, so you can focus on content?
    [10:07pm] serogers: I think so
    [10:08pm] serogers: I'm quite happy with the restructure
    [10:08pm] balunasj: serogers: ok great
    [10:08pm] balunasj: I know the CDK doc build needs a little tweaking, but that should be minor
    [10:08pm] balunasj: serogers: did you see the changes I made to the build by the way?
    [10:08pm] balunasj: for docs
    [10:09pm] serogers: I think so
    [10:10pm] balunasj: ok - just two minor changes
    [10:10pm] balunasj: I adjusted the group id for the guides to
    [10:10pm] serogers: Ah yes
    [10:10pm] balunasj: and used relative paths for referencing doc-parent from the guides
    [10:11pm] balunasj: The first made it so the guides do not show up in maven repo
    [10:11pm] balunasj: at org.richfaces.
    [10:11pm] serogers: OK
    [10:11pm] serogers: Thanks for that
    [10:11pm] balunasj: and the second only shows up when releasing
    [10:12pm] balunasj: because while releasing the version of docs-parent is not in repo yet, so the build can't find it.
    [10:12pm] balunasj: I think the docs-parent reference might be an issue for the cdk doc
    [10:13pm] balunasj: but I'm not sure.
    [10:13pm] balunasj: It might mean that the cdk guide needs to shift back to /docs.
    [10:13pm] serogers: Hmm, OK. It seems to build fine at the moment
    [10:14pm] serogers: But there is a lot about Maven I don't understand fully
    [10:14pm] balunasj: yup, but when we release cdk docs - it will be looking for a released version of doc-parent - but that will not be available because it is not released yet.
    [10:14pm] balunasj: serogers: me too
    [10:14pm] balunasj: So lets talk content, and jira's
    [10:15pm] balunasj: and discuss plans for M2, unless you have any suggestions
    [10:15pm] serogers: Sure
    [10:16pm] balunasj: This is the issues assigned to you in M2 right now ( note - not reviewed yet, so can shift based on what you feel can be finished ).
    [10:16pm] serogers: Sure
    [10:17pm] serogers: That all looks good
    [10:17pm] balunasj: The tree table issue can move to future_4.X
    [10:18pm] balunasj: I shifted that
    [10:18pm] balunasj: because we have not committed to it for M2
    [10:18pm] serogers: OK
    [10:18pm] balunasj: There is also
    [10:19pm] jbossbot: [RF-8932] RichFaces distribution should have the reference guides, and documents bundled inside of it. [Open, Major, Sean Rogers]
    [10:19pm] balunasj: but I think that might be something we work on with assembler
    [10:20pm] serogers: OK... there are pros and cons to that as well
    [10:20pm] balunasj: what are your thoughts there?
    [10:22pm] serogers: I know that other doc writers don't like bundling the docs in due to QE issues and versioning... but I don't think it will be much of a problem here
    [10:23pm] balunasj: serogers: can you explain those issues a bit more?
    [10:23pm] serogers: I don't fully understand them myself... something about having extra time to QE the docs to make sure they match the actual release
    [10:24pm] serogers: Because sometimes changes to the release can be made just before the release and not have time to filter to the docs
    [10:24pm] balunasj: serogers: The issue I see there is that the docs are tagged along with the release.  In our build system it is possible for the docs to have point releases out of sync with other parts.  But that is not until 4.0.0 is released
    [10:25pm] balunasj: Until then I think it is fine that they are not always in sync - for example the items being tracked in M2
    [10:25pm] serogers: OK
    [10:26pm] balunasj: For M2 - I would like to start reviews again as well.
    [10:26pm] balunasj: so as features are documented create jira's for them to be reviewed.
    [10:26pm] balunasj: I would like the developer, me, nick, and ilya to review
    [10:27pm] serogers: OK, great
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    [10:28pm] balunasj: For M2 I would also like to keep jira closer to what we are actually planning to finish for the release, instead of having hundreds of issues, and then shifting...
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    [10:28pm] balunasj: serogers: I don't see that as an issue for you, but something to keep in ming
    [10:28pm] balunasj: mind
    [10:28pm] serogers: No problem
    [10:29pm] balunasj: serogers: well that is all I have for today - was there anything else you would like to discuss?
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    [10:30pm] serogers: Just a couple of things
    [10:30pm] serogers: One known issue with the docs currently:
    [10:30pm] jbossbot: [RF-8930] Header appears in XML examples in documentation [Open, Major, Sean Rogers]
    [10:30pm] serogers: Do you have any idea what might be causing this?
    [10:30pm] balunasj: looking...
    [10:31pm] balunasj: is there a link to a sample of this?
    [10:31pm] serogers: Just looking one up...
    [10:32pm] serogers: Actually, it doesn't appear in the nightly builds... it may be unique to my computer
    [10:32pm] serogers: I may have to investigate further
    [10:33pm] serogers: Actually the nightly build is out of date...
    [10:33pm] balunasj: ok, but let me know if you need some help
    [10:34pm] serogers: I may have to look into that too
    [10:34pm] serogers: OK, well the only other thing to mention is that I wanted to let you know I have applied for leave from October 22 to November 5
    [10:40pm] serogers: Well that's about everything
    [10:40pm] serogers: I'll just work on the Jiras towards M2 then?
    [10:40pm] balunasj: yup, but there is bundling and uploading M1 docs
    [10:40pm] balunasj: as part of release process
    [10:40pm] balunasj: jira
    [10:41pm] serogers: Oh yeah
    [10:41pm] serogers: Work on that first
    [10:42pm] balunasj: yeah, I would get that out of the way, and just start on the M2 stuff.
    [10:42pm] serogers: OK