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    [11:00pm] serogers: Hi everyone

    [11:00pm] balunasj: serogers: Hi

    [11:01pm] balunasj: nbelaevski: and ilya_shaikovsky let me know that they will only have 30 min for meeting today

    [11:01pm] balunasj: serogers: I think we can fit it in though

    [11:01pm] serogers: OK, shall we get started then?

    [11:01pm] ilya_shaikovsky: Hi Guys!

    [11:01pm] balunasj: sure please do

    [11:01pm] serogers: Hi ilya_shaikovsky

    [11:02pm] balunasj: Here is the agenda

    [11:02pm] serogers: OK, first thing I wanted to discuss was the generated javadocs

    [11:03pm] serogers: Currently the Jira for this is assigned to me, but I don't know how to build the javadocs

    [11:03pm] serogers: If someone can get them built for me, I can package them with the docs

    [11:03pm] nbelaevski: hello all

    [11:03pm] serogers: Hi nbelaevski

    [11:04pm] balunasj: serogers: we need to spend some time looking at that ( and other generated docs ).

    [11:04pm] artdaw: hi all

    [11:04pm] balunasj: nbelaevski: I know there was some jira's related to this - any idea of updates?  If not it is ok, I have not either

    [11:04pm] balunasj: artdaw: Hi Gleb - glad you can make it

    [11:05pm] nbelaevski: balunasj: serogers: they are built together with release

    [11:06pm] nbelaevski: we have another set of docs that should be generated - that are VDL docs. they are not implemented yet

    [11:06pm] nbelaevski: describing page tags, attributes, etc.

    [11:06pm] balunasj: nbelaevski: plus we talked about js docs long time ago -

    [11:06pm] nbelaevski: balunasj: right

    [11:07pm] balunasj: but I know there were some difficulties

    [11:07pm] balunasj: Lets focus on java docs for now

    [11:07pm] balunasj: agree?

    [11:08pm] nbelaevski: sure

    [11:08pm] balunasj: so serogers since we tag before you upload docs

    [11:09pm] balunasj: serogers: even if manual process for now

    [11:09pm] balunasj: serogers: you could extract the javadocs and bundle.

    [11:09pm] balunasj: serogers: do you happen to have the jira # by the way?

    [11:09pm] serogers: OK, sure. RFPL-871

    [11:09pm] jbossbot: jira [RFPL-871] documentation: revise generated documentation and make it available at [Open, Major, Sean Rogers]

    [11:11pm] balunasj: Have you had a chance to review a full build and JavaDoc it creates?

    [11:11pm] balunasj: mvn clean install -P release

    [11:11pm] serogers: No, last time I looked at it I couldn't find where the docs were being built to

    [11:12pm] balunasj: ok one min

    [11:12pm] balunasj: ilya_shaikovsky: I know you were able to get through some reviews - anything you want to discuss before you need to go?

    [11:13pm] ilya_shaikovsky: I have only one hot topic for now

    [11:14pm] ilya_shaikovsky: creation of docs for push component still on me... and it's next blog which I planned to create after CSV which I sent you guys and finishing with JS API (tommorow probably).. And other M5 components review should be done at most

    [11:16pm] balunasj: serogers: So, you'll go through ilya_shaikovsky recent updates, and then when Ilya can he'll get details on push.

    [11:16pm] serogers: Yes

    [11:17pm] balunasj: ilya_shaikovsky: I agree on a "final" review.  We'll also need to get messages in.

    [11:17pm] • balunasj need to follow up at staff with alexsmirnov on status of csv and messages

    [11:18pm] balunasj: serogers: You can pull javadoc from the distribution, with staged, or build on your own from tag

    [11:18pm] serogers: OK

    [11:18pm] ilya_shaikovsky: yup.. I also waiting to hear status today in order to finalizee blog and complete rf-showcase example code according to latest results

    [11:18pm] balunasj: serogers: at some point I'd like to see a script, or special build to do it all for you, but for now nope.

    [11:18pm] serogers: Sure

    [11:18pm] balunasj: ilya_shaikovsky: yup - I'm also waiting to complete a blog on final component list

    [11:20pm] balunasj: serogers: with the javadoc - just unzip in there own dirs in logical way, and then Ilya and I can update site, wiki, blog etc... to point to it.

    [11:20pm] balunasj: nbelaevski: Are you aware of any missing javadoc items?

    [11:20pm] serogers: OK, I'll see what I can do

    [11:20pm] balunasj: i.e. packages that might not be in it?

    [11:20pm] balunasj: serogers: sure, and feel free to give me shout if you have questions

    [11:21pm] serogers: Will do

    [11:21pm] nbelaevski: balunasj: hmm, no

    [11:22pm] balunasj: nbelaevski: yeah - me tniether - core api impl, and component api ui are there

    [11:22pm] nbelaevski: balunasj: we checked them during one of the last releases

    [11:22pm] nbelaevski: balunasj: all was fine there

    [11:22pm] balunasj: +1

    [11:22pm] balunasj: ok so that should cover the Javadocs

    [11:23pm] balunasj: nbelaevski: we'll discuss other docs, and future plans when timing makes sense.

    [11:23pm] nbelaevski: ok

    [11:23pm] serogers: OK

    [11:23pm] balunasj: I really wish VDL docs could make it, but don't see how atm.

    [11:23pm] balunasj: serogers: your other topic was on missing components from 3

    [11:24pm] balunasj: serogers: we are going to have some components that just did not make the 4.0 release.

    [11:24pm] serogers: Yeah, just wanted to check that the plan for them is to be added after GA

    [11:24pm] balunasj: serogers: what are your thoughts, or concerns here?

    [11:24pm] balunasj: After Final you mean

    [11:24pm] serogers: Yeah, that

    [11:24pm] balunasj: yes - we'll have a new component process, and planning post Final release

    [11:24pm] serogers: No problem, I thought that was the case.

    [11:25pm] serogers: Last item was I just wanted to fill you in on what I have done with the skinning reference

    [11:25pm] balunasj: we just need to make sure the docs don't contain references to them by accident

    [11:25pm] balunasj: not included components I mean ^

    [11:25pm] serogers: Sure

    [11:26pm] balunasj: serogers: sure please do

    [11:26pm] serogers: For skinning references, I have it so the tables are included with each component in the Component Reference, as well as all together in one big appendix to the Developer Guide

    [11:27pm] serogers: These are getting pulled from the same source, so only one place to maintain.

    [11:27pm] balunasj: serogers: nice

    [11:27pm] serogers: This gives some flexibility, but if it is too much we can rethink it later without any problems

    [11:28pm] nbelaevski: sorry guys we have leave the meeting already

    [11:28pm] serogers: No problem Nick, I think I have covered everything

    [11:28pm] nbelaevski: ok, thanks

    [11:28pm] balunasj: nbelaevski: sure

    [11:28pm] ilya_shaikovsky: thanks guys

    [11:28pm] nbelaevski left the chat room. (Quit: KVIrc 4.0.2 Insomnia

    [11:29pm] balunasj: serogers: give me one minute

    [11:29pm] serogers: Sure

    [11:33pm] balunasj: 3 min?

    [11:33pm] serogers: No problem

    [11:38pm] balunasj: sorry about that

    [11:38pm] balunasj: serogers: how about the rest of the skinning reference stuff - feel it is ready to go?

    [11:39pm] serogers: I just have to copy it out, which is taking a while

    [11:39pm] balunasj: copy it out?  You mean migrate from 3.3.X?

    [11:39pm] serogers: Yeah

    [11:39pm] balunasj: ok

    [11:40pm] balunasj: well when it is ready we'll discuss more as well.

    [11:40pm] serogers: OK