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    [10:05pm] serogers: Anything to follow-up after the Alpha2 release?

    [10:05pm] balunasj: My goal is just to figure out what you need, and can get done before the code freeze for M1.
    [10:06pm] serogers: Sure
    [10:06pm] balunasj: nbelaevski and I updated the docs at the last minute before A2
    [10:06pm] balunasj: but I think we already covered that - and you created some related jira for issues
    [10:07pm] serogers: Yes
    [10:07pm] balunasj: Have you had a chance to think through some of the options for content marking if the section is not ready?
    [10:08pm] serogers: Yes, I can use remarks to indicate a section is in flux. I have been using them sparingly before but can make them more prominent
    [10:09pm] balunasj: serogers: ok that could be good, when you get a chance can you point me to an example?
    [10:11pm] balunasj: For M1, my primary convern for docs is make sure the build is updated correctly, so that the release and future releases are as easy as possible.
    [10:11pm] serogers: The "(draft)" in italics is a remark
    [10:11pm] balunasj: Then it is a matter of adding content to existing framework, and we should not have to muck around with it any more.
    [10:11pm] serogers: I admit it doesn't look very prominent there
    [10:11pm] serogers: OK
    [10:12pm] balunasj: serogers: where is it on that page?
    [10:12pm] serogers: Sorry, in the sub-title
    [10:12pm] serogers: Developing applications using Richfaces (draft)
    [10:13pm] serogers: I may need to experiment more with it
    [10:13pm] balunasj: yeah, I think we'll need something like a note, or warning box I've seen in other places.
    [10:13pm] serogers: OK, I can do that
    [10:13pm] balunasj: This is more than just marking an area draft, but marking it as not ready for review, or use.
    [10:14pm] serogers: OK
    [10:14pm] balunasj: I think both are needed.
    [10:14pm] serogers: No problem
    [10:14pm] balunasj: cool thanks.
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    [10:14pm] balunasj: serogers: have you had time to look at the weld build structure?
    [10:15pm] serogers: I have
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    [10:16pm] serogers: I'm not sure how the structure they use for weld will work for us
    [10:16pm] balunasj: serogers: is working on updating RF build like that something you can do ( with review ), or do you think someone else will need to do it?
    [10:16pm] balunasj: serogers: oh ok, what did you find?
    [10:17pm] serogers: I can investigate more, but I'm not sure whether the way the translations sit will work when we modify the docs for enterprise
    [10:18pm] balunasj: serogers: if you have questions or concerns, you can ping the seam/weld team.
    [10:18pm] balunasj: ok, how does that translation map to enterprise docs?
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    [10:19pm] balunasj: The thing I really want to avoid is variables in the artifact and group id.
    [10:20pm] serogers: For enterprise docs, we put everything through Publican, and the directory structure needs to be a certain way I think
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    [10:20pm] balunasj: serogers:
    [10:21pm] serogers: I can look into it further, I apologise as I looked at it before my vacation
    [10:21pm] serogers: and can't remember all the details
    [10:21pm] balunasj: serogers: I'll need you to investigate this more if you can, and see what linda is going with seam docs
    [10:21pm] balunasj: I think that is also structured like weld is.
    [10:21pm] serogers: Sure, I'll look into it
    [10:21pm] serogers: There should be something we can do
    [10:21pm] balunasj: serogers: ok good thanks.
    [10:21pm] balunasj: Once that is figured out we'll get the build updated
    [10:22pm] serogers: So main priority is getting that organized
    [10:22pm] balunasj: yup
    [10:22pm] serogers: OK, great
    [10:22pm] balunasj: For M1 I would like the build for docs stabilized
    [10:22pm] balunasj: and integrated into the rest of the build
    [10:22pm] balunasj: so that from then on, it is just a matter of content ( not a small matter, but you/we can focus on that one thing)
    [10:23pm] serogers: OK
    [10:23pm] balunasj: one minute
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    [10:25pm] balunasj: ok, I'm back sorry about that
    [10:26pm] balunasj: I would like to take a quick look through the jira
    [10:27pm] balunasj: RFPL issues assigned to you
    [10:28pm] balunasj: serogers: btw wanted to make sure you knew the code freeze date for M1, it is July 12th
    [10:28pm] serogers: Oh OK, I had July 6th down
    [10:29pm] balunasj: Nope, it shifted out because of the code freeze date for A2
    [10:29pm] serogers: OK
    [10:30pm] balunasj: For M1 I think that bottom 3 issues here are priority.
    [10:30pm] serogers: OK
    [10:30pm] balunasj: Although some of these might be a mix of tasks for you, and others.
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    [10:31pm] balunasj: serogers: Do you prefer moving the top two jira's to the next release, or lowering their priority for this release?
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    [10:32pm] serogers: Next release I think
    [10:32pm] balunasj: serogers: agree
    [10:33pm] balunasj: please update when you can
    [10:33pm] balunasj: next up RF
    [10:34pm] balunasj: I'm updating the priority of some of these
    [10:35pm] balunasj: ok done with updates
    [10:35pm] balunasj: What I made critical is what I think needs to be done for M1
    [10:35pm] serogers: OK
    [10:35pm] balunasj: nbelaevski: do you know if is still valid
    [10:35pm] jbossbot: [RF-7446] ExtendedDataTable: horizontal scrolling workaround [Open, Major, Sean Rogers]
    [10:36pm] nbelaevski: balunasj: looking
    [10:36pm] nbelaevski: no, we can close it as out of date
    [10:37pm] balunasj: nbelaevski: ok thanks
    [10:37pm] balunasj: serogers: can update that as well?
    [10:38pm] serogers: Yep
    [10:38pm] balunasj: serogers: The last topic I wanted to cover today, was the new component jira layout, right now many of the "doc component" jira's are not assigned to you yet, but will be
    [10:39pm] balunasj: I'll be marking them with the doc component, and assigning
    [10:39pm] balunasj: but one thought I had
    [10:39pm] serogers: OK, good
    [10:39pm] balunasj: is that instead of holding up component jira resolution on docs we would break that out as a separate jira
    [10:40pm] balunasj: that way we can resolve the component jira, even if you can't get to the doc it in the ref guide
    [10:40pm] balunasj: since that is going to trail after a bit anyway
    [10:40pm] balunasj: What do you think about that?
    [10:40pm] serogers: That's good
    [10:42pm] balunasj: ok good
    [10:42pm] balunasj: thats all I had for today, do you feel the tasks you have are realistic for M1 code freeze?
    [10:42pm] serogers: I think so
    [10:43pm] balunasj: ok good
    [10:43pm] balunasj: is there anything else you wanted to talk about, or cover?
    [10:44pm] serogers: I don't think so
    [10:45pm] balunasj: serogers: ok, please feel free to contact if anything comes up.