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    [11:04pm] balunasj_mtg: So the main things I wated to cover is

    [11:04pm] balunasj_mtg: 1) general doc status

    [11:04pm] juank_prada: balunasj_away: oh no hehe... I meant, I pressed the wrong button

    [11:04pm] balunasj_mtg: 2) push updates

    [11:04pm] balunasj_mtg: 3) final readme review

    [11:04pm] balunasj_mtg: 5) release items for CR1

    [11:05pm] balunasj_mtg: 6) if time - any final steps for Final

    [11:05pm] balunasj_mtg: </end>

    [11:05pm] serogers: OK

    [11:05pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: plus anything else you might have

    [11:05pm] serogers: 1) General doc status is looking good

    [11:06pm] serogers: Although some bits are not yet complete, I plan to be tagging and releasing for CR1 tomorrow

    [11:06pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: excellent

    [11:07pm] serogers: The main things yet to do are:

    [11:07pm] balunasj_mtg: I know ilya_shaikovsky was working on reviews as well

    [11:07pm] serogers: 1) push update

    [11:07pm] serogers: 2) collapsibleSubTable: I realised this somehow got missed

    [11:07pm] serogers: 3) skinning references

    [11:08pm] serogers: I want to talk a bit more about the skinning references after this

    [11:08pm] balunasj_mtg: sure

    [11:08pm] balunasj_mtg: 1) Ilya wrote a draft blog, but needs review from Nick

    [11:09pm] serogers: Cool. Is it OK if this doesn't make it for CR1?

    [11:09pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: Yes it is ok as long as it makes final

    [11:09pm] serogers: Sure.

    [11:10pm] balunasj_mtg: nbelaevski was out since for a bit, and so might not get to this right away anyway

    [11:10pm] • balunasj_mtg is it good when you laptop sounds like a jet plane ?

    [11:10pm] balunasj_mtg: s/since/sick

    [11:11pm] balunasj_mtg: 2) Do you have the info you need?

    [11:11pm] balunasj_mtg: actual lets wrap up 1) nbelaevski ilya_shaikovsky - do you guys agree?  have any other input?

    [11:13pm] balunasj_mtg: something wierd just happened with my client - you guys still seeing my posts?

    [11:13pm] serogers: Yeah

    [11:13pm] juank_prada: yeap

    [11:13pm] balunasj_mtg: ok good

    [11:14pm] nbelaevski: balunasj_mtg: yes

    [11:14pm] ilya_shaikovsky: I sitll not completed draft

    [11:14pm] ilya_shaikovsky: but close to

    [11:14pm] ilya_shaikovsky: and Nick b.t.w could already check as I need updates only for common settings part which are alreayd there

    [11:14pm] ilya_shaikovsky: now I'm just describing the application

    [11:14pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: ok good

    [11:15pm] balunasj_mtg: just let us know and we'll review as well, and serogers will have the info he needs

    [11:15pm] balunasj_mtg: so for 2) serogers do you have the information you need?

    [11:15pm] serogers: I think so. It looks pretty straight-forward. Just one question:

    [11:16pm] serogers: Does collapsibleSubTable require a collapsibleSubTableToggler? Or can it be used without?

    [11:17pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: I'm not 100% on this ilya_shaikovskydo you know off the top of you head?

    [11:19pm] ilya_shaikovsky: toggler should be used

    [11:19pm] ilya_shaikovsky: in order to collapse or expand

    [11:19pm] ilya_shaikovsky: in case you need it to be always expanded you could not use it

    [11:20pm] ilya_shaikovsky: may not use*

    [11:20pm] serogers: OK, thanks

    [11:20pm] serogers: Lets discuss the skinning references now

    [11:21pm] balunasj_mtg: sure

    [11:21pm] serogers: In Ilya's review of extendedDataTable he noted that the skinning reference was wrong

    [11:22pm] serogers: He sent me a link to the code file

    [11:22pm] serogers: But the class names are very abbreviated, and I can't figure out what is meant to be what

    [11:22pm] serogers: Are all the new skinning classes like this? If so it will require a lot more work than I thought

    [11:24pm] serogers: The file was this:

    [11:24pm] serogers:

    [11:24pm] • balunasj_mtg just one me

    [11:24pm] balunasj_mtg: min

    [11:24pm] • ilya_shaikovsky looking for wiki also need a minute

    [11:25pm] ilya_shaikovsky:

    [11:26pm] ilya_shaikovsky: Sean, that could help a bit.. unfortunatedlly need to admit that some missing abbreviations could be there as sometimes guys missed to update that page.. but it should be easier in most of the cases

    [11:26pm] serogers: Ah, OK, thanks.

    [11:27pm] serogers: That should help a lot

    [11:27pm] ilya_shaikovsky: And let me assist you then in case you will have any problems by email for example

    [11:27pm] serogers: No problem

    [11:27pm] juank_prada: not sure if this is the right time to bring up this, but last night i found a little mistake in docs about skinning and theming, and it is also present in docs trunk

    [11:28pm] serogers: If you find a bug, it is best to create a Jira about it and assign to me

    [11:29pm] juank_prada: serogers: ok thanks

    [11:29pm] serogers: OK, so I will aim to finish collapsibleSubTable tomorrow and tag/release the CR1 docs

    [11:30pm] serogers: Then finish push and the skinning references for Final

    [11:30pm] balunasj_mtg: sorry about that - I had an important phone call

    [11:30pm] serogers: No problem

    [11:30pm] ilya_shaikovsky: sure

    [11:30pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: For the wiki page, as guys wrap up Final - we can have them review and update this

    [11:31pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: ok - your plan sounds good for release, and Final

    [11:31pm] ilya_shaikovsky: balunasj_mtg sounds good as far as will have time

    [11:32pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: yup - agree

    [11:32pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: anything else specific to these areas?

    [11:32pm] serogers: No

    [11:33pm] balunasj_mtg: ok then lets move on to juank_prada's readme files

    [11:33pm] balunasj_mtg: I did a quick review of the last batch, and we talked about trying to get them in this week if possible

    [11:33pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: did you get a chance to work on the other readme?

    [11:34pm] rruss joined the chat room.

    [11:34pm] juank_prada: balunasj_mtg: yeap I attached the last two files last night

    [11:34pm] balunasj_mtg: just for reference here is the jira

    [11:34pm] jbossbot: jira [RF-10583] Review 4.0.0 project readme files, and update as possible [Open (Unresolved) Task, Major, Juan Camilo Prada]

    [11:34pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: ok thanks - I just saw in the jira

    [11:34pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: what are your thoughts on remaining items?

    [11:35pm] juank_prada: Still not sure if the generated by archetype readme file is right or not... As it seems to be a readme file for a project that wont belong to RichFaces but to the developer itself

    [11:35pm] rruss left the chat room. (Client Quit)

    [11:36pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: this one right

    [11:36pm] juank_prada: yeap, that one

    [11:36pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: I think in general it loos good - I'll post some minor updates.

    [11:37pm] juank_prada: ok, thanks

    [11:37pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: It is ok to have this readme, and we'll just say somewhere that this readme can be modified as needed

    [11:37pm] juank_prada: yeah I was thinkin the same.

    [11:38pm] balunasj_mtg: I mean really this is software generated by RichFaces so I'm fine with having our info in it to begin with.

    [11:38pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: I know you have other items as well, so I'll handle this review, unless you have time and want to look.

    [11:39pm] juank_prada: yeah, but I think it would be good to specify that the project was just generated by RichFaces and not built by RichFaces, so if there are bugs related to the project itself we dont get reports on those issues

    [11:39pm] ilya_shaikovsky: balunasj_mtg, I'll try to look but now concentrated on push

    [11:39pm] balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: yup - as you should be

    [11:39pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: hehe  sure

    [11:40pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: any one questions or concerns here for now?

    [11:40pm] juank_prada: just about the readme-ui.txt

    [11:40pm] juank_prada: should I just delete the info about "getting RichFaces"?

    [11:41pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: I think yes

    [11:41pm] juank_prada: ok

    [11:41pm] balunasj_mtg: good

    [11:41pm] juank_prada: also setting up a project without Maven should point to the wiki right?

    [11:41pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: yup - it will keep us from having to update the readme

    [11:41pm] balunasj_mtg: juank_prada: wiki is best place for info that changes

    [11:42pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: I think we covered the other doc related items - anything else for now?

    [11:42pm] serogers: Yeah, just a couple of questions about some Jiras

    [11:43pm] serogers: RFPL-1142

    [11:43pm] jbossbot: jira [RFPL-1142] GAE: investigate MyFaces migration: documentation update [Open (Unresolved) Task, Major, Sean Rogers]

    [11:43pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: sure no problem

    [11:43pm] serogers: I'm not sure what's involved there, and what I need to do

    [11:43pm] balunasj_mtg: this is one of the things we are going to talk to nbelaevski about - myfaces still has broken fileupload, so thinking of reverting to Mojarra

    [11:43pm] balunasj_mtg: so might be out of date for now

    [11:44pm] balunasj_mtg: nbelaevski: or is this something else?  Just for talking about myfaces in general?

    [11:45pm] nbelaevski: balunasj_mtg: I'd like to keep MyFaces for GAE

    [11:45pm] nbelaevski: balunasj_mtg: Mojarra 2.0.4 definitely has issues with it

    [11:45pm] nbelaevski: balunasj_mtg: or we revert to 2.0.3?

    [11:45pm] balunasj_mtg: nbelaevski: that might be a separate talk   lets discuss after this meeting

    [11:45pm] nbelaevski: ok

    [11:45pm] balunasj_mtg: for the doc jira though

    [11:46pm] balunasj_mtg: was this to update the ecryption info, and related items, just as a general note?

    [11:46pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: Do you have a section on GAE?

    [11:46pm] serogers: No

    [11:46pm] balunasj_mtg: nbelaevski: at this point might make more sense to keep this a wiki page item

    [11:48pm] balunasj_mtg: I assigned this one to me, and I'll review and update as needed

    [11:48pm] serogers: OK

    [11:49pm] balunasj_mtg: serogers: other items?

    [11:49pm] serogers: Um, I think that's it

    [11:49pm] balunasj_mtg: ok thanks - anyone else on anything?

    [11:50pm] balunasj_mtg: alright then - thanks all

    [11:50pm] serogers: Thanks everyone