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    [10:00pm] balunasj: serogers: Hi Sean!

    [10:00pm] serogers: balunasj: Hi Jay

    [10:01pm] balunasj: serogers: feels like a lot longer since we talked than it has been

    [10:01pm] balunasj: just a lot happening since

    [10:01pm] serogers: Yeah

    [10:03pm] balunasj: serogers: So today I'd like to discuss the reviews that we done, and any any updates.  There were some doc related comments as well in posts.

    [10:03pm] serogers: OK

    [10:03pm] balunasj: ilya_shaikovsky:  any other items for the docs ?

    [10:04pm] serogers: I have made a start on the next parts of Ilya's engineering review

    [10:04pm] balunasj: serogers: in the dev, or component guide

    [10:05pm] serogers: Component Guide -- Dev guide review has been completed and changes have been made for it already

    [10:05pm] balunasj: serogers: we should have a reference to the VDL docs online in the docs.  Not for every component, but at least a static link I think.

    [10:05pm] serogers: Sure. Which link is that?

    [10:06pm] balunasj: serogers: excellent - I looked through it, and looks good - I'll had no time for a line-by-line review though

    [10:06pm] serogers: OK

    [10:07pm] balunasj: we are still shooting for a Friday Final doc release right?

    [10:07pm] serogers: Yes

    [10:07pm] balunasj: so overall - where are we with it, and how is it looking?

    [10:08pm] serogers: I am about 60% of the way through revising the Component Reference based on Ilya's review

    [10:09pm] serogers: I should finish that probably by Wednesday

    [10:09pm] serogers: Then there are some other Jiras to do

    [10:09pm] balunasj: serogers: ok good - I would like you to do a sweep threw the component list as well - make sure all are covered there.

    [10:09pm] serogers: But nothing too major I think

    [10:09pm] serogers: OK

    [10:09pm] balunasj: serogers: ok - if you have anything you're not sure about we can discuss.

    [10:10pm] balunasj: just so we catch anything list the mediaoutput component no being there

    [10:10pm] balunasj: I've noticed some of the spacing seems a bit odd with the dev guide

    [10:10pm] balunasj: it is left justified?

    [10:11pm] balunasj: or like centered text?

    [10:11pm] serogers: I think it is width justified, but it seems to not work so well in some places

    [10:12pm] serogers: I think the justifying algorithm is not so good

    [10:12pm] balunasj: hmm, ok - nothing major I think for now, but just something I noticed looking through

    [10:12pm] balunasj: agree

    [10:12pm] balunasj: serogers: I've asked ilya_shaikovsky to join us, he must have stepped away for aminute

    [10:12pm] serogers: I've definitely noticed it too, I'll submit a Jira for the styles

    [10:12pm] balunasj: serogers: ok thanks

    [10:13pm] • balunasj looking in jira

    [10:14pm] wojtask9 joined the chat room.

    [10:15pm] balunasj: serogers: I'm updating this one to future -

    [10:15pm] balunasj: when I

    [10:15pm] jbossbot: jira [RF-9187] autocomplete behavior: documentation creation [Reopened (Unresolved) Sub-task, Major, Sean Rogers]

    [10:15pm] balunasj: when I reopened it

    [10:15pm] balunasj: did not set to fix for

    [10:15pm] serogers: OK. I believe that is actually written, but not reviewed. So we could put it in for Final if it reviews OK?

    [10:16pm] balunasj: serogers: that component was actually pulled out of the release

    [10:16pm] serogers: Oh, OK

    [10:16pm] balunasj: serogers: There is a linked jira to the "remove doc" task

    [10:17pm] balunasj: could you do a quick search in the docs for the autocomplete behavior - perhaps just as a double check

    [10:17pm] serogers: OK

    [10:18pm] balunasj: serogers: If you had to pick a critical area for me to review closely - what would it be?

    [10:19pm] serogers: Hmm...

    [10:19pm] serogers: Maybe the Validation chapter?

    [10:20pm] balunasj: ok, that is a good one to review, agree.

    [10:20pm] balunasj: What about tables, or skins - feel those are in good shape?

    [10:21pm] serogers: They would be next on the list

    [10:22pm] serogers: I just finished revising the tables chapter today

    [10:22pm] serogers: Based on Ilya's review

    [10:22pm] balunasj: ok - good - I'll be sure get them review asap then

    [10:22pm] serogers: So it may be a good one to do too. Though it probably hasn't been built on Hudson yet.

    [10:23pm] balunasj: serogers: it won't be this morning - that is more like a after the kids go to bed task

    [10:23pm] balunasj: The rest of the jira's seem ok

    [10:24pm] balunasj: serogers: other than that jira looks ok

    [10:24pm] serogers: OK, good

    [10:24pm] balunasj: Did you see the links to the VDL docs?

    [10:24pm] serogers: No

    [10:24pm] balunasj:

    [10:25pm] serogers: OK thanks, I'll put a reference to them in the docs

    [10:25pm] balunasj: We don't have time to have context sensitive links in the component reference, but we should point to this location

    [10:25pm] balunasj: yup

    [10:25pm] balunasj: Perhaps someday we'll get context sensitive links in the docs, and showcase for this

    [10:26pm] balunasj: btw - this is a good way to be sure all components are covered as this is generated from source

    [10:26pm] serogers: OK

    [10:26pm] • balunasj checking notes

    [10:27pm] balunasj: serogers: I think that is all I had for now - anything else?

    [10:27pm] balunasj: obviously feel free to contact anytime

    [10:28pm] ilya_shaikovsky: guys.. sorry for being late  Missed the remainder

    [10:28pm] serogers: No, I don't think so. I had a question for Ilya that I had put in the review Jira and assigned back to him, I wanted to check he got it

    [10:28pm] serogers: Hi ilya_shaikovsky

    [10:28pm] ilya_shaikovsky: Hi Sean!

    [10:28pm] ilya_shaikovsky: hope not caused much inconviniences

    [10:29pm] balunasj: ilya_shaikovsky: Hi Ilya - no problem really - we were almost wrapped up

    [10:29pm] balunasj: you can review the history for items we discussed

    [10:29pm] balunasj: serogers: what jira was it for ilya_shaikovsky?

    [10:29pm] serogers: RFPL-1380

    [10:29pm] jbossbot: jira [RFPL-1380] Apply Eng Review Results [Reopened (Unresolved) Sub-task, Major, Ilya Shaikovsky]

    [10:30pm] serogers: No need to answer straight away

    [10:31pm] ilya_shaikovsky: b.t.w. we had also mediaOutput on the TODO's list

    [10:31pm] serogers: Yep, that is done now

    [10:31pm] ilya_shaikovsky: cool.

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    [10:31pm] ilya_shaikovsky: and the question in jira is pretty simple.. I missed to update comment after modified some part before. I will reassign right after meeting with the answer

    [10:32pm] serogers: Thanks ilya_shaikovsky

    [10:32pm] serogers: I will also send a link for you to look over the mediaOutput if you want

    [10:32pm] balunasj: ok great

    [10:33pm] juank_prada joined the chat room.

    [10:33pm] balunasj: Hi juank_prada

    [10:34pm] juank_prada: balunasj hi

    [10:34pm] balunasj: ilya_shaikovsky: serogers: anything else then - or can we break the meeting early?

    [10:35pm] serogers: Nothing else from me

    [10:35pm] serogers: We are meeting again on Friday?

    [10:35pm] balunasj: juank_prada: How are things?  Thanks again for the readme's I think they made the output clearer for users.

    [10:35pm] balunasj: serogers: looking

    [10:35pm] juank_prada: balunasj no problem... I'm really sorry I couldn't help more

    [10:36pm] ilya_shaikovsky: no from me.. I'm updating migration guide as time permit.. but not really ready for editorial review at most pages as there are things to insert still pending

    [10:36pm] balunasj: serogers: Yup on friday I had to move the thursday meeting

    [10:36pm] serogers: OK, no problem

    [10:36pm] serogers: We'll talk then

    [10:36pm] balunasj: serogers: we can discuss final docs release etcc.

    [10:36pm] balunasj: serogers: sounds good

    [10:36pm] balunasj: serogers: thanks

    [10:36pm] serogers: OK, thanks everyone