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    [10:02pm] balunasj: serogers: Hi Sean

    [10:02pm] serogers: Hi everyone
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    [10:03pm] balunasj: serogers: how are things going?
    [10:04pm] serogers: Pretty
    [10:04pm] serogers: good
    [10:04pm] serogers: How about you?
    [10:04pm] balunasj: serogers: not too bad
    [10:05pm] balunasj: So lets talk about Alpha2 stuff
    [10:05pm] balunasj: make sure that is all set, and then we can move on.
    [10:05pm] serogers: Sure
    [10:06pm] balunasj: serogers: I saw you updated the Alpha2 docs
    [10:06pm] serogers: Yes
    [10:07pm] serogers: I haven't got the javadocs there though
    [10:07pm] serogers: I'm not sure how to build them since the directory structure has been changed
    [10:07pm] balunasj: serogers: ok
    [10:07pm] balunasj: serogers: There are a few main areas
    [10:08pm] balunasj: serogers: and this is part of what needs to be automated in the future
    [10:08pm] balunasj: serogers: the easiest way is to get the distribution
    [10:08pm] balunasj: from the stage server
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    [10:09pm] serogers: OK, that has the built javadocs in?
    [10:09pm] balunasj: in there are /docs
    [10:09pm] balunasj: with javadocs and jsDocs
    [10:09pm] balunasj: yup
    [10:09pm] balunasj: one min I'll get link
    [10:10pm] balunasj: then you can get the alpha2 zip
    [10:10pm] serogers: OK
    [10:10pm] balunasj: serogers: great - it would be good to get those up.
    [10:10pm] balunasj: serogers: you have one more day before vacation right?
    [10:10pm] serogers: Yes
    [10:11pm] balunasj: serogers: ok good
    [10:11pm] serogers: Ilya wanted me to check the English in the readmes, so hopefully I'll have time for that tomorrow
    [10:11pm] balunasj: serogers: yes please, that would be good.
    [10:12pm] serogers: So apart from that are there any other Alpha2 tasks?
    [10:12pm] balunasj: I don't think so, just these two - upload Javadoc and jsDoc & review readmes
    [10:13pm] serogers: OK
    [10:13pm] balunasj: As I wrote in the email - Nick and I updated the docs a bit right before release, and I saw you entered the jira to mark them for the future.
    [10:13pm] serogers: Yes
    [10:13pm] balunasj: Have you had a chance to review the changes?
    [10:13pm] serogers: I had a quick look
    [10:14pm] serogers: I think it is fine to leave them commented out as you have them for now
    [10:14pm] serogers: As we review them and update them we can put them back in
    [10:14pm] balunasj: serogers: ok good
    [10:14pm] balunasj: agree
    [10:15pm] serogers: Well the only other thing I had down to discuss was restructuring the docs to be like Weld's
    [10:15pm] balunasj: Yup - I wanted to see where you ocmfort level was with that
    [10:16pm] balunasj: is that something you can do on your own ( maven build updates )
    [10:16pm] balunasj: or will you need assistance?
    [10:16pm] serogers: Not really, I really don't feel comfortable with Maven
    [10:16pm] serogers: I'll have to review a bit more though
    [10:17pm] serogers: We want the docs to be buildable with Publican, which we use to build Enterprise versions of the docs
    [10:17pm] balunasj: serogers: ok, please review, but that is what I thought - I think we'll need to have someone ( me, or Alex K ) assist with it.
    [10:17pm] serogers: and I need to see how that will work with the structure
    [10:17pm] serogers: What in particular do you prefer about the Weld docs?
    [10:18pm] balunasj: serogers: sure - weld and seam docs are also buildable by publican I believe.
    [10:18pm] serogers: OK, that's good to know
    [10:18pm] balunasj: serogers: mostly how they handle locals
    [10:19pm] balunasj: we should not have variables for artifact ids, they handle this per book, not a book for each local
    [10:19pm] balunasj: look near the bottom
    [10:20pm] serogers: I see
    [10:20pm] balunasj: there is a profile for building translations
    [10:20pm] balunasj: We should also centralize the configuration of the docs.  I did some of this when I updated the build for A2
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    [10:21pm] balunasj: but did not have time to do fully before we needed to release.
    [10:21pm] |nbelaevski|: sorry I've dropped off
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    [10:21pm] balunasj: |nbelaevski|: np - we were just talking about build updates
    [10:22pm] balunasj: like handling locals like weld ( look near bottom )
    [10:22pm] balunasj: and other build items.
    [10:22pm] |nbelaevski| is now known as nbelaevski.
    [10:22pm] nbelaevski: ok
    [10:23pm] balunasj: serogers: as you said I think you will need some help with this part.
    [10:23pm] balunasj: so either alex K or myself will get involved
    [10:23pm] serogers: OK
    [10:23pm] balunasj: that should allow you more time to update docs
    [10:24pm] balunasj: we don't need to get any deeper into that right now.
    [10:24pm] balunasj: i think
    [10:24pm] balunasj: I can't work on that until after Jboss world
    [10:24pm] serogers: Yeah, there is not a lot of urgency I suppose
    [10:25pm] balunasj: not right now
    [10:25pm] balunasj: Part of my tasks for M1 include migration process for components, and part of that will be docs.
    [10:25pm] balunasj: I'll let you know more and discuss at a later meeting
    [10:26pm] serogers: OK
    [10:26pm] serogers: Do we have any vague idea of timing for M1?
    [10:26pm] balunasj: serogers: nothing vague about it
    [10:26pm] balunasj: it is the first time-boxed release
    [10:26pm] balunasj: Code freeze is July 12th I beleive
    [10:27pm] balunasj: We need fast and regular releases until we ship.
    [10:27pm] balunasj: It makes many things easier
    [10:27pm] balunasj: to manage
    [10:27pm] serogers: OK good
    [10:28pm] balunasj: yup
    [10:28pm] balunasj: nbelaevski: did you have anything else you wanted to discuss right now with serogers ?
    [10:29pm] nbelaevski: documentation is not being built with russian locale due to the bug I've posted to maven-jdocbook-plugin
    [10:29pm] nbelaevski: maybe we can switch the buggy feature off?
    [10:30pm] balunasj: nbelaevski:
    [10:30pm] balunasj: nbelaevski: lets create a jira to cover that.
    [10:30pm] nbelaevski: balunasj: ok, let me do that
    [10:30pm] balunasj: nbelaevski: ok thanks
    [10:31pm] balunasj: serogers: anything else from you right now?
    [10:31pm] serogers: No, nothing else from me
    [10:32pm] balunasj: serogers: ok great - well let me know if something comes up with the last A2 tasks, and we'll talk more after your vacation
    [10:32pm] balunasj: serogers: have fun
    [10:33pm] serogers: Thanks, I will
    [10:33pm] serogers:
    [10:33pm] serogers: Bye everyone
    [10:33pm] nbelaevski: done:
    [10:33pm] jbossbot: [RFPL-647] Documentation fails to build on russian locale [Open, Major, Sean Rogers]
    [10:34pm] nbelaevski: serogers: have fun at vacation
    [10:34pm] nbelaevski: serogers: bye!