Version 1



    1. framework
    2. tests
    3. docs
    4. sandbox



    Phase 1: Framework Migration


    Framework is divided into following structure:


    /parent                 richfaces-parent
    /checkstyle             richfaces-checkstyle
    /shade-transformers     richfaces-shade-transformers
    /build                  richfaces-root-aggregator
         /bom               richfaces-bom
         /parent            richfaces-root-parent
         /dist              richfaces-assembly
    /cdk                    richfaces-cdk
    /core                   richfaces-core-{api,impl}
    /components             richfaces-ui-*
         /dist              richfaces-components-{api,impl}
    /examples               demos
    /showcase               richfaces-showcase
    /archetypes             archetypes


    parent, checkstyle and shade-transformers are artifacts versioned independently from rest of framework, therefore they are placed into separated repositories to allow release them independently.


    build is the root of the build process with profiles bootstrap, build and release which aggregates particular modules and allows to build project as whole.

    Framework Migration Coverage


    All of the 4.x branches are migrated including tags and complete history,

    making possible to build master (4.1.0-SNAPSHOT), 4.0.X (4.0.1-SNAPSHOT) branches and 4.0.0.Final tag from source in the unified way:


    Framework Build Process


    All of the modules are be able to be built in following two scenarios:


    1. separated module build - resolves all framework-internal dependencies needed for build from maven repository
    2. complete build - resolves richfaces-parent, richfaces-checkstyle and richfaces-shade-transformers from repository.