Version 7

    The purpose of this application is the give users a large real world example of a RichFaces application.  How the photo site demo will be packaged and provided to users is an important aspect to the application.  It needs to contain the source, documentation, and build scripts in one package.   Users should be able to deploy the application, review the documentation and source code,  and load the source into an IDE, modify the code, and redeploy easily.


    We should also consider that future examples and application may also be available.  So the packaging should take that into account.  This means that the packaging should be generic enough to support other applications in the same download.  I would not want to see a separate download for each example.

    Proposed packaging structure:



           \dist (binary files with release - if not too big)


           \functional-tests (selenium tests)





      \build.xml (maybe if easy)


    This name and structure will allow us to support more examples in the future



    • Contains instructions for maven, building, deploying, generating IDE projects etc...
      • example independent
    • One sentence description of samples



    •   Detailed desciption and instructions for example


    Building Source

    Users should be create IDE project files for each example.  Then update the code either by hand, or in IDE.  Easily rebuild the "/dist" and deploy the updated example to the target container.


    We don't have to support rebuilding the whole richfaces-examples-xxx package, that can be done from svn source.

    Container Integration

    • JBoss 5
    • JBoss 4.2.3
    • Glassfish is secondary, but should be easy
      • perhaps a blog, or after release update