RichFaces, Seam, CDI integration Agenda 4-29-2010

This is a large agenda, and does not cover some of the items we discussed in the previous meeting.  This is because a few things have become priorities and this meeting is the best or only place to have some of these discussions.


[Jay/Nick] RichFaces Build

  • We are redesigning our build for Alpha2
    • Would like to follow lead of Weld/Seam
  • For now how some specific questions
    • Seam parent BOM
      • Is the project wide bom in seam to be a root for all module bom's, or as a single point of "import" for users who want to use all of seam?
    • Parent pom adding dependencies
      • Is this to cover dependencies related testing ( i.e. not runtime for Seam )?
      • This would leave BOM just for runtime dependencies - correct?
    • Seam's usage of its own BOM
      • Is this just restricted to examples and external users?
      • Modules seem to mostly pull in directly from weld?
        • Is this because weld is really Seam's core?
    • Reason Seam's /dist contains only BOM, while parent is in /build
      • Is there a reason to keep in separate t/bt/?
      • Why not have both in /build?
  • We would love to hear about more "lessons learns" and/or suggestions for RichFaces build
    • Out of scope for this meeting, but we may have follow up items

[Jay, Nick] JSF 2.0 In JBoss Repo

  • RI updates, issues, actions
    • Is the problem really just getting is in a repp?
  • Seam planning on using MyFaces
    • Any known issues between using RI and MyFaces
    • Is that long term plan?

[Emmanuel] Client Side Bean Validation

  • Seam faces, RichFaces, or other?
  • Does proper solution require CDI?
    • Alex I believe you mentioned that.
  • Priority, and actions?

[Pete] Datatable paging and tighter integration with databases

Topics from previous meetings: