RichFaces/Seam/CDI Integration Meeting Minutes 3-11-2010

Note: See transcript for details


Group Name

  • Dan introduced our group name "Application Developer Platform (Group)"
  • Helps to identify the suite of related projects ( RichFaces, Seam, CDI, JBoss Tools, & Hibernate*)

JSF 2.1 Discussions

  • XSD for jsf/core and jsf/html in impl
    • For now add to RichFaces
    • CDK provides ways to do this
  • .xhtml vs .xml vs .view.xml
    • Briefly discussed as an issue to discuss
  • Misc items to be discussed in future
    • Queue interop issues
    • Spec Issues -
    • Portlet support
      • Need an FAQ or "how not to shoot yourself in the foot when programming for portliest"
        • Alex and Wesley are going work on it
        • Used by other projects to help integrate
      • Portlet support is important but for RF needs to wait until after A2 is released

JSF Mock Test Project

  • Discussed plans and goals at high level
  • Would like to see this a full JBoss project in test area
  • Needs to be handled after RF A2 is released

Component Placement and Ownership

  • Some points:
    • a) We need to avoid having conflicting components (Seam and RichFaces both have file upload for example)
      • RF might want to consider having more fine-grained library sets...just to make them more consumable
    • b) We need to treat this as a two way street, which means a better, more open attitude from the Seam team
  • Dan feels strongly that UIViewAction be in Seam
    • That is fine with RF
  • RF is concerned that shifting too many component around will cause RF users to consume seam-faces to be useful
    • Dependency management in seam-faces is important to keep use easy for RF users
  • Discussed differences between functional and view components
    • Reviewed some of Seams current set that might be better in RF
    • And other way around
  • Validation and client-side validation
    • Complex and will need to be worked on by both projects