Version 4

    Action Item follow-up

    1. all Review and comment on lfryc's topic initaliser forum post
      • Discussion took place in the team meeting, minutes linked to in the forum post.
    2. lfryc bleathem try and reproduce RF-11465 with TC6 today
    3. bleathem balunasj to review the unscheduled jiras affecting M3
      • Unsheduled jiras we're reviewed
    4. lfryc comment on RF-11483 with results of discussion
      • Comments added
    5. lfryc document wokaround for LOAD_NONE resource loading strategy


    M3 Release

    • We had a respin of M3, to resolve some problems with resource handling
    • Blog to be published this week, please review/update the outline in the google doc to make sure everything has been mentioned


    Announce M4

    Given the number of issues we want to get into the 4.1 release, we've decided to add an addtional 4th Milestone.


    M4 JIRAs

    • Priorities considered for M4
      • All issues involving 3rd party libraries
      • Last chance for new features for 4.1 (no major features planned)
        • The means no new QE tests will be required post M4
      • Important Community and QE issues
      • Other small/trivial fixes have been inlcuded in M4, to get them off our plate

    JSF-api com.sun vs. javax.faces


    Device Detection


    Mobile Skinning

    • currently in showcase, move into core framework?