Version 1

    3.3.2.SR1 Issues

      • RF-7994 - The biggest issue - causes a problem with EDT with no workaround
      • Review others.
      • Portal Bridge issues also found
        • Work around available in PBR
        • They would prefer a release
    • Currently pointing users to 3.3.3-SNAPSHOT
    • Would really like to provide a better solution
      • Very minor SR2?
        • Just a couple of issues
        • Give some more time for additional issues found
      • Hold off and plan for a 3.3.3.BETA/CR1
        • Not happy with this either
        • Bigger distraction for 4.0
      • Do nothing and leave as is and focus only on 4.0
    • Is a known issues page needed with this release
      • Is jira enough?

    RichFaces 3.3.X and JSF 2.0 support

    • Nick detailed investigation
      • Can you summarize for meeting?
      • Your results should be posted to the forum when you have time.
      • Good information
    • Big Questions:
      • Effort required for updates and changes?
      • Will a release be compatible with JSF 1.2 & JSF 2.0

    So basically we have several choices here:

    1. Proper visit() implementation. That is the easiest solution for us, because we can add handling for this visit() method according to components functionality.
      1. Two distributions of RF 3.3.x: JSF 1.2 and JSF 2.0
      2. The same binaries for both JSF version. RF is compiled under JSF 2.0 and we rely on the dynamic imports resolution in JDK classloader for runtime
    2. Without implementing visit() - we agree that compatibility with some standard features is not provided (like f:ajax partial decoding inside rich:tree) and just fix known issues that I've found during testing


      • Will a RF 3.3.X release with JSF 2.0 support be complete support or just band-aid?
        • No something's will not function or interop such as f:ajax tag
        • Do we know what those are at this time?
    • Next Actions?
      • Split out the branch?
      • Work in 3.3.X branch?
      • Do nothing and focus on 4.0?