Version 3

    Action Item follow-up

    1. bleathem fix the M4 dates on the release center
      • Done
    2. wesleyhales Provide an assessment of the mobile issues w.r.t. M4
      • Done
    3. lfryc move rich:editor support on mobiles to 4.2, be sure to document how to support editor on mobiles
    4. lfryc create feature request for moving mobile detection logic into core project


    M3 - Release Status

    M3 Will be released today - pending the deployment of the updated showcase


    M4 - Issues

    • RF-11544: JSF-api com.sun vs. javax.faces
    • RF-11579:  Avoid maven-shade-plugin in build
    • Remaining mobile issues
    • Any update on an Atmosphere release? (RF-11471)
      • 0.8.0-CR2 released, GA won't make M4, upgrade in CR1 if GA available?
    • Any other issues to discuss?