Version 7

    Action Item Review

    1. lfryc create JIRA to re-introduce archetypes repository in M4
    2. lfryc bleathem discuss dev-examples and showcase inheriting from richfaces-root-parent
    3. lfryc manage discussion about archetypes in scope of CR1 on next meetings



    • QE has completed release testing
    • Blog and website updates in progress



    • RFPL (Doc) issues well underway
    • RF issues - still several issues open
      • update on completion status
    • Archetypes updates
      • Marek won't consume archetypes anymore
      • JBDS would like to have them uploaded to Maven Central (fbricon)
      • add Atmosphere to archetype?
    • Documentation
      • Status update
      • Updating "Compiling from source code" section in "Developer's guide"
        • new project structure
        • out of date informations
          • RFPL-1792: unsupported jsf_profiles
        • does it make sense to maintain such documentation since we are documenting build process in Wiki?
      • Updating "Technical Requirements" section in "Developer's guide"
        • JDK version already bumped
        • What about FF and IE versions?
          • Do we specify IE compatibility mode at this point?
        • How about Java EE 6, AS7?
          • (Tomcat is not an EE environemnt - wording should be adjusted)
      • Documentation review
        • manage review of docs from developer perspective
      • Documentation publishing
        • docs-freeze corresponds with framework code-freeze?