RichFaces Team Meeting Agenda 12-15-2009

3.3.3.BETA1 Release


BETA1 Release Plan

  • Plan for release
    • Build for QE today?
    • Depending on dev status and testing time
    • Release before x-mas
    • If critical issues come up or stability in question we'll have a BETA2
      • I do not want to release something that is not stable for final 3.3.X release
  • Release Prep
    • note: Some 3.3.3.B1 release announcements already public
    • We'll need to be ready for release announcement by Friday
      • Allows for rapid release next week
    • Ilya site prep & draft wiki for using JSF 2 with 3.3.3 [RFPL-297]
      • Known requirements for JSF 2 and RF 3.3.3
        • jsf2-Impl Jar
        • Facelets
        • Use of f:ajax and JS API
        • Others?
    • Jay Blog
    • Sean doc build updates and prep
      • Need to discuss in detail at doc mtg. this week